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Interview with Ms. Maranto!!!

As this school year is coming to a close, we decided to interview one last person – Ms. Maranto! She is a relatively new addition to HMSA, so if you want to get to know her a little bit better, keep reading!
Please introduce yourself. What do you do here and where else do you work?

My name is Emily Maranto. I am the Community Schools and Community Engagement Teacher on Special Assignment. I know that my working title is a full book chapter long. I am essentially a coordinator for Community School Implementation at HMSA and Zela Davis. My office at HMSA is in the Family Resource Center in Building A.

What is the Family Resource Center?

Each HSD school is implementing the Community Schools Model. The first task is to open a Family Resource Center or FRC. Our hopes are for schools to be the “one stop shop” for students and parents for anything they may be going through and need support with. FRCs are community-based “hubs” that provide a range of services and resources to families. We offer support, education, and resources to  every HMSA student family. Anything from adult ESL courses, parenting workshops, mental health services and support, connections to local shelters and food banks, etc.

What influence does the Family Resource Center have on the HMSA community?

The FRC is still in it’s emerging stage at HMSA. The influence the FRC has on the HMSA community is all encompassing. With the addition of the Community Schools model and the implementation of the FRC, HMSA is on track to build and strengthen lasting relationships between our school, students, families and the local community while also promoting wellness, equity, justice, and academic achievement. When students and families are provided services and resources they need, it builds trust. When a person feels heard, seen and understood they become more invested. Adding a space where families will have the opportunity to acquire free services, resources, and counseling will allow them to feel a sense of connection that may have not existed for them before. If our school is filled with students and families who feel connected and heard it will cause a ripple effect on school climate. We will decrease tardiness and absences, we will close gaps in achievement, social and emotional wellness will increase with more students using services, etc.

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

One of my favorite hobbies is to sing Taylor Swift lyrics loudly as I walk down Dr. Mat’s hall. I love being outdoors. Whether that is taking my GoldenDoodle, Summer, for a walk, going to the beach, running. I also really enjoy hot yoga. It seems like it should be a crime heating a room to 112 degrees but it helps me manage stress and allows me to make at least 60 minutes for myself. Lastly, I love to cook and bake! I taught Culinary Arts for 10 years at a high school in the South Bay before this job! Sorry one more thing, I love to learn current lingo. No cap. On god. Sorry if that was cringe. 

Why do you do this job? What do you love about it?

I made the choice to leave the classroom because I wanted to make a bigger impact in education. I love building community and helping people and when I saw the job posting for this position I felt like it was made for me and what I wanted to do next in my career. What I love about it is helping connect parents and students with FREE resources and services that they did not know existed. Seeing the faces of Hawthorne Community Members, parents or students, when they receive support they need is why I do this. When you can make a connection for someone who doesn’t know what their next step is, it is the best feeling in the world to help them find a solution.

Do you have any advice for students here?

My advice for students is to get involved. I know teachers and adults always say this, but it really will impact your life. The more time you take getting involved on campus whether that is sports, clubs, lunch activities, participating in class, volunteering, etc. the more you will learn about yourself and about others. If we have a campus of 550 students who are all invested in what it means to be an Aviator and want to learn about each other, it will increase campus morale and “vibes” to be a place where students are excited to come. Administration and staff can only provide the space, resources, and infrastructure to build community on campus, it is up to the students to be a part of it and use that space to create the vibes. We have an advantage being a small school site!

Is there a motto that you rely on to keep moving forward? 

At my last school my students always made fun of me for saying “live your best life”. So, I have to go with that. I really think what I mean by that is I am going to do something if I am passionate about it and I think it is right. I am in charge of my happiness and I cannot expect any other person, family member, or colleague to make me happy! We all get to choose, everyday, how we want to see the world and what energy we want to bring to our day.

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Sia Thakor, Writer, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Sia is a Senior in HMSA. She has interests in different art forms such as sketching and digital art, and enjoys listening to music, cooking different foods, and consuming a variety of entertainment.

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