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    Looking Ahead to Fall: Trump’s Plans for 2024

    Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States (2017-2021), has plans for the near future.  As the Republican candidate for President in the upcoming 2024 elections, he’s seeking re-election.  If he wins, he wants to make changes.

    So what are some planned changes? According to AP NEWS, he plans a mass firing of employed people in the federal government. The first step of doing that is to get rid of civil service protections of almost all employed individuals, which can only be done if he, or his administration officials, reissue “Schedule F.” Schedule F, to put it simply, allows a president to turn a person who has an advisory role into a political appointee (someone that’s been picked by the president, vice president, or agency head for a job opportunity), which is basically firing someone and giving them a new job to one’s own liking. As mentioned before, if Trump succeeds in reissuing Schedule F, he’ll be able to turn a person with a high job status into a lower status. Even though Schedule F can be done against anyone, Trump’s priority is to aim it against people in the justice system as a way to manage what he deems as corruption in the justice system. (Schedule F was repealed by Joe Biden, which was most likely possible because of the fact that it was created during the end of Donald Trump’s presidency).

    Trump’s wish to fire those in high power in civil service has caused interest, as it might affect those in political power. It might sound convenient, but if it is, how? Over the past few months, Donald Trump has been on trial on 88 felony counts and 4 criminal cases, involving extramarital affairs, sexual harassment, hush money, illegal hoarding and mishandling national security documents, attempt to obstruct an official proceeding in 2020, attempt to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia with forgery and impersonation of a public officer, filing false documents, and many more. So far, he has pleaded not guilty on all accounts. (As of June 6, he has been found guilty of the hush money trial.) If he does end up reissuing Schedule F, of course, only if he wins the presidency, this potential power could let him fire whoever has malicious intent towards him. 

    He also wants to find possible government officials who leak to reporters and order federal employees to update the civil service test. To understand the importance of the civil service test, jobs like firefighting, politics, police work, etc, have to take the exam to be able to get into the civil service industry. An update of the civil service test means Trump could tweak and modify in a way he sees fit.

    When it comes to social justice, Project 2025 ensures the recreation towards the enforcement of Conservative ideas, if and only if a Republican wins the next election. Of course, this is only a portion of what Project 2025 plans ahead. To be specific, Project 2025 has 4 pillars, and the aim towards LGBTQ+ rights is only focused on one of the pillars. To be specific, there is a plan to repeal some of Joe Biden’s policies on LGBTQ+ equity, which the project describes with examples such as “subsidizing single-motherhood, disincentivizing work, and penalizing marriage,” while also replacing these policies with policies that support traditional families. (Here is the link of the full Project 2025 transcript if it sparks your curiosity).

    Trump also urges to stop immigrants from coming through the Southern borders. His plan to do so is done by restoring his 2019 “Remain in Mexico” program. What does the program do? Well, it is pretty self-explanatory. The program prevents asylum seekers (someone who moves to another country in need for international protection) from Mexico to seek protection in the U.S. Their motives for seeking asylum in the U.S can range from political reasons, to fear of kidnappings, rape, and general abuse they face in their home countries and/or Mexico. The program was revised by our current president Joe Biden on December 6, 2021 and was eventually denied.

    Education-wise, he plans to eliminate the Department of Education, which is the department responsible of policing, administrating, and coordinating majority of federal assistance of education. Additionally, a plan to start inviting trained gun owners to schools as guards as a means of protection, reward schools districts that are against teacher tenure, and push patriotic, traditional views that will be taught in schools has been discussed. To fix homelessness, tent cities will be put on open land, urban camping will become illegal, which gives homeless people the option to either go to jail or go to tent cities. Not much is known on whether or not he’ll deal with squatters, but his stance on squatters should determine possible outcomes: “If you have illegal aliens invading your home, we will deport you. We will not allow your homes to be taken from you in any way, shape or form.” This is what he said at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, April 2, 2024. (Full video of the rally here). Although weirdly worded, his message acknowledges squatters and what a problem they could be to this country.

    Based on what we’ve heard so far, the possibility of Donald Trump or even a Republican being put in the Presidency could result in major changes to the system, though of course, there are many things that are easier said than done.  Whether some of these changes are good for the country are up to debate, and each person is encouraged to their own research in order to be informed, especially if they’re of voting age.  The purpose of this article is present a sampling of policies under discussion by Trump.

    One thing’s for certain: the President must do what they do to create an environment that leads to safety and order, while also not completely limiting free will.

    (Editors’ Note: Additional election coverage will continue when the 2024-25 year resumes, including overviews of both candidates’ platforms, once the election heats up.  If you would like to write for Aviator News, we welcome your participation.)

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