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Is “Barbie” Controversial?

Warner Bros

Barbie is a name you may recognize since it’s one of the most iconic dolls ever. Throughout history she has caught the attention of many of us at least once in our lifetime. The first thing most of us notice is her perfection. Whether that be her clothes, style, or her job, her life most definitely seems perfect. As we all know, the film Barbie was recently released and it did an amazing job at selling in theaters. But it wasn’t all expected, especially coming from a doll we romanticized so much at such a young age.

The film received various reactions. Such as critics claiming the film is ”too woke” and “anti-men”, especially since it was coming from a doll’s perspective. (I’ll try not to say as much, so I won’t spoil the movie for those who haven’t watched it). Long story short, the film mainly focuses on Barbie’s self discovery. She experiences the real world and realizes that she needs to find her true identity rather than playing a stereotypical Barbie role. She realizes that she hasn’t been giving Ken the things he needs to hear, and she feels as if she doesn’t treat him well enough even though Ken truly loves and cares about Barbie.

In the end Barbie decides to follow her own path and encourages Ken to do the same as well. This movie was different from the other typical barbie movies we grew up watching. It’s not some fantasy or fairytale story but rather a journey of empowerment that needs to be heard, especially considering that most of her fans are little girls who need this kind of talk, a talk that empowers them to be who they truly are and to not be afraid to be different in this society we live in. 

These types of talks weren’t present when I was their age. We had to grow up believing fitting in was the only thing that mattered. Unfortunately because of this I never found who I truly am deep inside and still have that part of me to discover. But thankfully, over time these stereotypes and opinions have changed for the better. I believe everyone should watch Barbie. It doesn’t only go towards one specific group or gender, but to everyone.  What truly matters is for us to understand the true meaning of empowerment and discover the true versions of ourselves. 

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Alexxa is a Junior at HMSA who decided to join newspaper for the third time in a row. In her free time she draws, reads, and writes, and watches the time go by while doing so. She enjoys spending time alone and listening to music. At school you may see her with headphones in and with a serious face most of the time, but don't let that stop you from saying hi. She loves meeting new people and making new friends!

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