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Post Midterms and Pre Finals

Midterms and Finals- no one likes them. Everyone asks what’s the point of them? They are tests that can either make or break your grade. “They are pointless,” some say. Midterm exams are a way of letting you know you are halfway done with the semester and to see if you’ve been paying attention the last few months since the semester started. They might affect your grades but you are still able to bring them up before taking Finals at the end of the semester. Final exams are what count the most. They are what make your final grade for the end of the overall semester.

Starting high school, I was always nervous when I heard the words “Midterms” and “Finals”. I always thought Midterm exams were what made my grade. I would always get stressed, afraid of failing. I think that mostly all freshmen can relate to the fear since it’s the first time they take these types of tests. Final exams are more nerve racking since they are the last things inputted in powerschool that affect your grades.

Even though these Midterm exams affect your grade, it’s still important to always do your best and study hard in order to better prepare for Finals. There are a variety of things one can do to study for their exams. Some kids attend tutoring, others like to have small study sessions with their friends, and others go directly to the teacher to ask for help or clarification on a specific topic.

Now that Midterms are over, you may not be pleased with your current grades. The best thing to do is keep studying and most importantly, keep paying attention in class. Doing little things like writing good notes, paying attention, and asking questions can help prepare you for Final Exams. Finals take place the last three days of school in June. For those students who are taking any AP classes, make sure you are studying hard and always trying your best because those exams are worth a lot, not just for your grades but in general for a class.

It’s always best to ask for help from the teacher when you are struggling or have a struggling grade. Even though you feel like you will be judged for asking, you don’t lose anything from doing so. Never be afraid to ask for help. It’s always better to ask for clarification rather than staying quiet. And even if the teachers seem “mean” they are the only ones that are able to help you when you’re struggling. All teachers would be willing to help you if you ask. Some teachers even have tutoring before school, others have it after school from 3:30 to 4:30. Don’t wait until the last minute or the day before you have the exam to ask for help because then, they most likely won’t be available.

Many students have trouble focusing while trying to study. Some ways you can better focus is by putting all electronics and other distractions away, listening to motivational music, and/or making a schedule of what you are going to do so you aren’t stressed and all over the place. While doing these things, it’s important to also take breaks so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Reviewing notes over and over until you actually understand is also something you can do to better prepare yourself for any exams. Always try your best and always remember that grades don’t define you. Never procrastinate or give up without trying.

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Katherine Hernandez
Katherine Hernandez, Writer, Creative Writing Editor
Katherine is a junior at HMSA who decided to try Newspaper for the first time. She loves to watch Scream and Marvel movies. She enjoys listening to music & baking in her free time and hanging out with friends. Even though she looks serious most of the time, she is a nice person who likes to meet new people. 

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