Best Three Bus Destinations in LA


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Daniel Villaroman, Writer

With summer slowly approaching, it is the season to relax and enjoy oneself. There are many different ways you can choose to spend the limited time, such as spending time with family. Some will go on vacation in another country or state. However, there are attractions you may like that are only one or few bus stops away.

Here are my top three picks for places you can visit at a low cost. Each destination is unique in its own way, providing a different experience for different interests.

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Taking 1.5 to 2 hours by bus, you will find the port neighborhood of San Pedro. At the aquarium, you will find small sea creatures, such as jellyfish and seahorses. It is modestly sized and is based around donation. With the beach nearby, you can get a map from the aquarium pointing you to near tidepools. Spending a day here to relax and check out the animals promises to brighten your day.

Exposition Park

Exposition Park, an hour by bus, is home to many popular attractions such as the California Science Center, the California African American Museum, the Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County and many more. The park boasts a fresh nature experience with gardens and museums. It is open from 8:30 in the morning to late in the afternoon. The admission price is only $15 for the Natural History Museum, bearing many collections of dinosaur bones, gems, and various items. If you want to see the precious items history has to offer, or if you would like to see the other attractions in the area, then the visit here is worth your time.

Plaza Mexico

Plaza Mexico is designed to imitate the plazas of cities, such as Guadalajara and Mexico City, taking less than an hour to get there by bus. It is about 10 minutes away from the Long Beach Boulevard stop. At the plaza, there are beautiful fountains and several benches for visitors to sit and hang out. The food court also aims to make one’s visit worthwhile. Overall, if you’re in the mood to shop, eat and walk around the mall, Plaza Mexico will give a relaxing experience just for that.


Now, that you have suggestions for a destination, take that free bus pass and use it!