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Playlists to Celebrate Love

50 Song 4UR Valentine
Photo courtesy of rawpixel.com

Fifty love songs for you and your valentine to enjoy together.  


Link To Spotify Playlist: 

50 Songs 4UR Valentine

Link To Apple Music Playlist: 

50 Songs 4UR Valentine


Suggested Love Songs (Teacher Edition):

Link To Spotify Playlist:

4UR Valentine: Teachers Edition 

 Link To Apple Music Playlist: 

4UR Valentine: Teachers Edition 


1. Weak For Your Love – Thee Sacred Soul 

(Penrose/Daptone records)

Golden Lyric: 

Pretty lady, you have me so weak”


2. Sparkle In Your Eye – Jensine Benitez, Thee Sacred Soul 

(Penrose/Daptone records)

Golden Lyric: 

“Oooh the sparkles in your eyes

Got me hypnotized

And I want to belong

Somewhere deep in your heart”


3. I Like The Way You Love Me – Brenton Wood 

(The Bicycle Music Company)

Golden Lyric: 

“Every time your kissin’ me

Thrills me from my head to feet

And I tell myself that deep down inside

There will be no one else for me”


4. Something – The Beatles 

(Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group))

Golden Lyric: 

Something in the way she moves

Attracts me like no other lover

Something in the way she woos me” 


5. How Deep Is Your Love – The Bee Gees 

(Barry Gibb, The Estate of Robin Gibb and Yvonne Gibb under exclusive license to Capitol Music G…)

Golden Lyric: 

“You know the door to my very soul

You’re the light in my deepest darkest hour

You’re my savior when I fall”

6. Besame Mucho – Lisa Ono 

(EMI Music Japan Inc.)

Golden Lyric: 

Bésame, bésame mucho

Como si fuera esta noche la última vez”


“Kiss me, kiss me a lot

As if tonight will be the last time”


7. Amandla’s Interlude – Steve Lacy 

(3qtr under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings America, Inc.)

Golden Lyric: 

The song is just pure instrumental, but I imagine it’s what being in love sounds like. 


8. Valentine – Laufey 

(AWAL Recordings America, Inc.)

Golden Lyric: 

“The first one to ever like me back

I’m seconds away from a heart attack

How the hell did I fall in love this time?

And honestly, I can’t believe I get to call you mine

I blinked and suddenly, I had a Valentine”

9. Amor De Siempre – Cuco 


Golden Lyric: 

“Cuando veo esos ojos, ahí es donde quiero vivir

Si me besan eso labios, ay, así quiero morir”


“When I see those eyes, that’s where I want to live 

If I’m kissed with those lips, there, that’s where I want to die”

10. mfl – John Roseboro 

(John Roseboro/U-NXT)

Golden Lyric: 

She’s really starting to see my human side

Too uncouth and unrefined

But then I see that smile

She really loves me for who I am” 


11. Angel Number – Tec 


Golden Lyric: 

“You say life is meaningless

But wе give meaning to it

You gave somе meaning to my life

I guess you beat me to it”


12. Donchano – Steve Lacy 

(L-M Records)

Golden Lyric: 

“Donchano (donchano), you’re beautiful (beautiful)

You’re different (different), unusual (unusual)

I love your style (love your style), so original (original)

Seem so unreal (so unreal), like you’re mythical (mythical)” 


13. I Wanna Be On Your Mind – MiLES. 


Golden Lyric: 

“Just want some of your time, some of your time

Want a space inside your place that’s all mine” 


14. I Love You – The Bees 

(Virgin Records Limited)

Golden Lyric: 

You’re charming in my thoughts

Like the magic that you brought

I love you” 


15. I Know You Know I Love You – Sunset Rollercoaster 

(Courteous to Sunset Rollercoaster)

Golden Lyric:

“Just wanna hold your hand

And walk with you side by side” 


16. THAT’S MY GIRL – Frank Sativa 

(3635445 Records DK)

Golden Lyric: 

No you don’t need to change a thing, babe

Can you please just stay the same, baby?”


17. Velvet Light – Jakob 

(Playground Music Scandinavia AB)

Golden Lyric: 

“You must know that I miss your stare (I do)

You mesmerize me daily, ah

You must know that I miss you here

Hypnotize me” 


18. OPEN WIDE – Spencer. 

Golden Lyric: 

“You’ve got me open wide

Just come inside

I’m yours, yours baby” 


19. My Kind Of Woman – Mac Demarco 

Golden Lyric: 

“You’re my, my, my, my kind of woman

And I’m down on my hands and knees

Beggin’ you please, baby

Show me your world”


20. Tangerine – Frank Sativa 

Golden Lyric: 

“You sound so glad when I call

You sound so sad when I’m gone” 

And I feel the same in my thoughts” 


21. Silkk da Shocka – Isaiah Rashad, Syd 

Golden Lyric: 

“I am the sky to your star

I am the end of your month

You are the start of my day

You brought the smile from my face

I see the world from your eyes

You pulled a thorn from my side”


22. Means the Most – Nehruviandoom, Bishop Nehru 

(Lex Records)

Golden Lyric: 

“I think about you constantly

I hate when we apart

I love to sit and admire like a work of art

You’re beautiful, smart

And your style is off the chart

Just know you spark a flame inside

I blame them eyes you’re fine” 


23. Foldin Clothes – J.Cole 

(Dreamville, Inc., under exclusive license to Roc Nation Records)

Golden Lyric:

“Listen, this is a meditation for me

I’m practicing being present

There’s no where I need to be, except right here with you” 


24. More Than Ever – Durand Jones and The Indications 

Golden Lyric: 

“When I held you in my arms

I got hypnotized felt sanctified, enamored by your charm

I’m so thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful for your love” 


25. Love Is Only a Feeling – Joey Bada$$

Golden Lyric: 

“You’re the only reason I’d be, staying here

Wanna paint a picture, let’s make it clear

The future so bright baby, race you there, girl”


26. Tell Me I’m Dreaming – Los Yesterdays 

Golden Lyric: 

“The moon smiles down from outer space

The clouds surround us

The angels sing” 


27. She’s Mine Pt. 1 – J.Cole 

(Dreamville, Inc., under exclusive license to Roc Nation Records)

Golden Lyric: 

“While I’m too scared to expose myself

It turns out, you know me better than I know myself

Better than I know myself, well, how about that?”


28. She’s a Super Lady – Luther Vandross 

Golden Lyric: 

“Deep in her eyes was a promise of the love

That I’ve been dreaming of

She made me love the world, well

So I know she’s my girl” 


29. staywmecassette – Spencer. 

Golden Lyric: 

You stay with me

So faithfully

Like no other girl

So, no other words

Can describe our little game” 


30. I Only Have Eyes for You – The Flamingos

(Rhino Entertainment, A Warner Music Group Company)

Golden Lyric: 

“Maybe millions of people (sha bop sha bop) go by

But they all disappear from view

And I only have eyes for you”


31. Si Me Faltaras Tu – Thee Lakesiders 

(Big Crown Records)

Golden Lyric: 

Amor querido cuanto te adoro

Como te sueño yo

Si me faltaras todo me humilla

Te quiero junto a mi” 


“Dear love, how much I adore you.

How I dream of you

If you were missing everything, it humiliates me

I love you beside me”


32. Show Me – Joey Bada$$ 


Golden Lyric: 

“Uh, ’cause transparency my love language

Can’t see the bigger picture if your vision tainted

Love is like glass, either break it or you stain it” 


33. lovergirl – Saturra

(Courteous to Saturra)

Golden Lyric: 

Maybe they say we ain’t right

But I’m standing in front of you

Maybe they say we ain’t right

But I know that I want you so


34. Flight 22 – Kali Uchis 


Golden Lyric: 

“All my girls say that I’m acting a fool

Now touch me, kiss me, catch me, or miss me

Give it, take it, you can’t mistake this

Let’s get away from it all” 


35. A Big Brown Dog Named Bagel – Nep 

(Courteous to Nep)

Golden Lyric: 

“The way she’s touching me feels right

I like the way she bites, the way she talks, the way she looks when I smile

The way she talks to me at night

When we’re laid down and feeling’ real quiet

We mess around and get real quiet”


36. Forrest Gump – Frank Ocean 

Golden Lyrics: 

Forrest green, Forrest blues

I’m remembering you

If this is love, I know it’s true”


37. Hey Lover – The Daughters Of Eve 

(USA Records TM)

Golden Lyric: 

“Hey, lover, won’t you treat me right?

And be with me tonight

Just give me true love and understanding

True love and understanding

For the rest of my days”


38. Cariño – The Marias 

Golden Lyric: 


Una obra de arte

Con solo mirarte

Algo que da paz” 


“You are

A work of art 

By just looking at you

Something that gives peace” 


39. Don’t Cry – J Dilla

Golden Lyric:

“I can’t stand to see you cry, no, baby, no”


40. In Love – Aaron May

 Golden Lyrics: 

“Cause I don’t think I want nobody if it ain’t you

To go console another body, I just can’t do 


41. Amtrak – Los Retros 

Golden Lyrics: 

“One kiss from you

And your touch will change

My life and my blue

As long as you stay” 


42. Yeahyeahyeah – Scotch Mist 

Golden Lyrics: 

“Why don’t you just come over? 

I want you so much closer 

Yeah, yeah, yeah 

One thought of you I’m back to life 

The colors fade in, no longer afraid 

And it’s your name On my heart” 


43. Deep Insane – Cosmo’s Demos 

Golden Lyric: 

“As long as you still want me

I’ll be your one and only 

It’s so easy to love you

As much as I do

I’m loyal to you” 


44. PRETTY BOY – Max Leonard, Indigo 

Golden Lyric: 

“There’s no need to wait for me

I’ll be there for your touch

Just to turn me into someone you can learn to love”


45. Everything – Frank Sativa 

Golden Lyrics: 

“Our loviness plenty

We’ll be the same when I fifty

You don’t have to change none for me baby

And I hope I’m enough for you” 


46. For Lovers – Lamp (Suggested by Ayleen Leon)

Golden Lyric: 

“うつろう 景色の 中で 一人

僕は 佇み君を思う” 


“Alone in the changing scenery

I’m standing there thinking about you” 

47. Only In My Dreams – The Marias (Suggested by Dominic Banda)

Golden Lyric: 

“You’re everything I need

To bare this fear” 


48. Lose Control – Amaria (Suggested by Dominic Banda) 

Golden Lyric: 

“Yeah, can you hold me, never let me go?

Take me to another world you know

Keep on running, let us lose control”


49. It’s Our Love – Thee Sacred Soul 

Golden Lyric: 

“Can you feel it?

Feel it in the ground

Can you hear it?

Hear it all around

It says

You got what I need

And I got what you need

Baby, it’s our love” 


50. Suavecito – Malo (Suggested by Kimora Lopez) 

Golden Lyrics: 

“Cause I know we’ll always be

Together just you and me

From here on you’re gonna see

You’ll be mine until eternity

Suavecito, mi linda” 




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