The Major Highlights of the World Series

Joshua Tejano, Staff Writer

The Astros and the Dodgers were going to play their first game against each other( Photo Source: Charlotte Carroll).

With a narrow defeat, the Dodgers came up short in trying to win game seven of the World Series. The Houston Astros, winning their first title, were able to finish the series 4-3. It was truly a heartbreaking defeat for the Dodgers who came up to win game six, tie the series, and force game seven. Here is a recap of all the scores of the games in the World Series:

Game One: 3-1, Dodgers win.
Game Two: 7-6, Astros win.
Game Three: 5-3, Astros win.
Game Four: 6-2, Dodgers win.
Game Five: 13-12, Astros win.
Game Six: 3-1, Dodgers win.
Game Seven: 5-1, Astros win.

Game Five lasted nearly five hours and the Astros barely escaped with a win. The Astros were able to pull off the win in the tenth inning, putting the Astros up three games to two. The World Series was nothing but a virtual home run derby. It was a wild seven games with the most home-runs scored in World Series history.

The Dodgers had a tough start earlier in the inning of game seven. The Dodgers started game seven with a 2-0 deficit early. The Astros got on base immediately on a double from an outfielder, George Springer, in the first inning. After Cody Bellinger’s throw to Alex Bregman, which sent him to second base, Springer had already scored the first run. In the second inning, Brian McCann scored the third run, and with Marwin Gonzalez on base, Springer swatted a two-run homer to centerfield, thus making the score five to nothing.

Clayton Kershaw pitched for four full innings, with four strikeouts and no runs. Overall, the Dodgers came up short and managed to score once throughout the game. According to, the Astros’ Manager A.J. Hinch said after the game, “We’re going to love bringing the World Series trophy back to Houston. We take pride in being there for Houston, and obviously they responded by falling in love with this team”.

After the events of Hurricane Harvey, Carlos Correa said in a post game interview, “It means a lot to me for the City of Houston, being able to bring joy, happiness” ( A few moments later, Correa proposed to his girlfriend, who said yes.

Senior, Oscar R, who is a huge baseball fan, said, “The defeat really impacted me especially since it was the seventh game. The Dodgers haven’t won a World Series in almost three decades, but the Astros did prove to be on top.”

Does this mean a comeback for the LA Dodgers next season? We’ll just have to wait and see if they can pull off a title next year. However, this was a tough and wild World Series that had so much fun and was a thrill to watch.