New Semester, New Me

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  1. How did 1st semester go for you?
  2. How would you describe 1st semester?
  3. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone who helped you?
  4. Are you trying anything new this semester?
  5. How do you feel so far this year and what would you have done differently?


Chris Kiessya (12th):

Senior (Photo by Leslie Bautista.)

  1. It went excellent. Passed all my classes and it was hard, but it was smooth.
  2. First semester was hectic once it started getting to the end of the semester. The workload at the end was overwhelming.
  3. I want to shout out my girl Lesly Gonzalez for putting up with the many questions I had for first semester. Also, for helping me time manage all my work load.
  4. So far the year has been okay. Nothing too exciting, but it’s great.
  5. What I would do differently is spend more time studying and doing homework. I didn’t spend that much time on both.

Javier Guevara (12th)

Senior (Photo by Leslie Bautista)


  1.  First semester was honestly stressful, but I feel that I did very good in my grades.
  2. First semester was a good time for me I liked all my teachers and I succeeded in all my classes.
  3. I want to give a shout out to Camille Tambunting for always being there for me to push me forward and give me the support I needed.
  4. No nothing new for me or so I think?
  5. This year I feel very good, but a little sad that I’m almost going to graduate.What  I would have done differently is enjoy each day a lot more than I am now.

Maliha Nadeem (12th)

Senior (Photo by Leslie Bautista)

  1. First semester went by quicker than I imagined. The toughest part of the first semester had to be balancing both grades and college applications.
  2. I would describe first semester as exciting yet nerve-wracking. The thought of graduating and leaving a familiar place makes me feel nervous.
  3. I would like to thank all the teachers that have helped me this far, and also my friends who have supported me and were there for me through every obstacle.
  4. I have been spending more time with friends since they are going to be leaving to different colleges.
  5. In senior year I feel a rush of emotions; excitement, nervousness, frustration, and acceptance. If I could do one thing differently it would be to get to know my teachers more. I regret not being able to talk to them more and get their 

Alfredo Castillo (11th):

Junior (Photo by Leslie Bautista.)

  1. Ok, well umm, my first semester was rough at first. Mainly because of not focusing enough in my classes.
  2. Overall the semester finished good overall.
  3. I would like to give a shout out to Summer; I love her.
  4. There really isn’t anything I would change about first semester so I am not trying anything new either.
  5. So far the start of my year has been great.”

Robert Benigno (11th):

Junior (Photo by Leslie Bautista)

  1. So far the beginning of this year has been great because of all the free time. That is due to early class arrangements.
  2. First semester for most people is horrible so there isn’t much I would change.
  3. Although I would like to give a shout out to Giber Camacho, he has been there for me.

Giber Camacho (11th):

Junior (Photo by Leslie Bautista)

  1. This year I haven’t been doing all that great. Mainly because of so many distractions.
  2. Last semester wasn’t that great either. I feel like I should have studied more instead of procrastinating so much.
  3.  However, I would like to give a shout out to Osvaldo Valadez and Aaron Morales because they have my back.
  4. The only thing I would like to change and that I am trying to change is my procrastination.

Alex Almazan (11th):

Junior (Photo by Leslie Bautista.)

  1. This year has been rough, I would like to phrase it as I’m trying to hang on.
  2. And well last semester ‘I fell off’ however people learn from the past. So this year I’m really going to make it count. Something I would like my fellow HMSA students to know is that ‘we all have a dreams and goals, this is a stepping stone for everyone, make it count.’
  3. So with that, I would like to give a shout out to my group: Paulina, Rosa, Amabel, Angie, Valeria, and Angelica. You guys are amazing and talented in your own special ways.”

Obinna Nwokoro (9th):

Freshman (Photo by Leslie Bautista)

  1. For my first semester as, it was hard to adapt. I’m not used to all of this work, I honestly should have focused more. Also, there is not as much diversity as I thought there would be; at times I feel like a sore thumb, especially when coming from a different background. However, I do feel like I’m starting to get a hang of things making school steadily better.
  2. This year I would like to form a basketball club to make my high school experience better.
  3. Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to Ms. Jordan because throughout the year she has been giving me the motivation to do better.

Carlos Juarez (9th):

Freshman (Photo by Leslie Bautista)

  1. Last semester was stressful due to the long distance commuting and the difficulty to adapt. Not only that but last semester I lost a lot of sleep.
  2. So this semester I am willing to put the effort into getting better grades.
  3. The main person who I would like to give a shout  is to Ms. Siegler; she motivates me to do my best and to become more diligent.”

Fabian Vasquez (10th):

Sophomore (Photo by Leslie Bautista)

  1. Last semester didn’t go so great for me; my emotions got in the way.
  2. However, this year has been going great because I have opened my eyes more since I started to talk to more people and ask questions to help with my grades. Now I see more colors and appreciate everyone for who they are and respect their opinion.
  3. Overall, I am glad to be an HMSA student and appreciate all the teachers.
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