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HMSA’s Resolutions for 2024

With the start of the New Year, people will obviously have things that they want to accomplish this year that they weren’t able to do last year. Whether it be because of a lack of confidence, procrastination, or other factors, your previous struggle shouldn’t be the catalyst to stop you from achieving your goals, and the New Year provides us all a chance to move past those limiters.

To further prove this, I went around asking people what they wanted to do this year, why they couldn’t do it last year, and what caused them to change this year:


My New Year’s resolutions are to get better grades, increase my faith in my religion, and to have a better soccer season than last year. I feel like last year I was procrastinating too much, and I overall had a lack of knowledge of my faith. My discipline wasn’t where I wanted it to be. — Chisom Okpara

I want to get all A’s, enjoy the new year, and stop procrastinating so much. It was hard for me to do these last year because I was waiting until the last minute to do any of my assignments, plus I was trying to adapt to sophomore year. What changed for me was taking advantage of my time in CP to do homework or study, finally adapting to the sophomore environment, and learning to enjoy my year. — Troy Stuart

I want to start going to bed on time, getting better grades and to not go to sleep late anymore. The thing that drove me was my own procrastination, which got to the point where even simple tasks took very long. What drove me to change it up this year was not wanting to fail, along with a drive to do better in life and become a better person. — Chidera Mugboh

I want to get more money, spend more time with family, and get better at soccer. Last year I wasn’t able to get a job, and the stress from homework assignments and school projects stressed me out so much. This year, I feel like I’ll become a better person if I can do these things. — G. Silva

I want to start working out, and I also want to learn how to code. Last year I didn’t have any interest in coding, and I didn’t have the right equipment to workout. Now that I have the equipment, plus my growing interest in coding as of now, I can start now. — Brian Carson


To bring it all back, these people actively show that things that happened last year don’t have to influence what you decide to do this year.

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