Goal Scoring Machines


With a 5-0 win against New Roads and an undefeated record, the Aviators are having some fun. Photo taken by Richard Estrella.

Richard Estrella, Staff Writer

On Monday, the boys’ soccer team faced off against New Roads and comfortably secured a 5-0 win.  As of right now, the boys are undefeated.

The game started off with roars and applause for the Aviators as they scored a goal within the first minute of the game. Initially, both sides were quite evenly matched with both teams appearing to have equal possession time. However, this all seemed to change when the boys became more aggressive and started sending long balls through the New Roads defense, who were unable to catch up to the strikers. This is one of the many things Coach Launius decided to exploit and communicated this to the team at halftime. It was during one of these long ball attempts that the boys scored their second goal. At this point, New Roads seemed lost, their  defence was too open and the Aviators were taking advantage of it and scoring goals. But in the second half, New Roads appeared to have woken up and started attacking, but to no avail, the shots they managed to get through were stopped by our goalkeeper, Ndubuisi A. This was the case for the rest of the second half; however, the boys did manage to secure two more goals before the final whistle, making the final score 5-0.

Despite being up 3-0 at halftime, Coach Launius wanted the Aviators to build onto their lead as he talks to them at halftime. Photo taken by Richard Estrella.
Despite being up 3-0 at halftime, Coach Launius wanted the Aviators to build onto their lead as he talks to them at halftime. Photo taken by Richard Estrella.

As expected, Coach Launius stated that he was “very satisfied with the team’s performance.” However, as many know, the boys didn’t have much game time in the past week “because of winter break and the heavy rains.”  “[They] had not had a game in 3 weeks, but they still came out energized and aggressive right from the beginning of the game.”  If you have something that works and gives you results, don’t change it. This is exactly what Coach Launius plans on doing. Coach Launius plans to “keep doing what we are doing” in order to preserve their undefeated streak; this means that Coach Launius will be using the same tactics again in a “difficult and important game…against Vistamar”. However, Coach Launius has also expressed his intentions to adjust the tactics during the game if it was needed.

Fabian L., who plays as a Center-Defensive-Midfielder(CDM) was also very impressed with team’s performance. He stated that the team’s strengths for that game was “the passing, the passing [he] saw was amazing.” The weaknesses he noted was that the team tended to “condense to one side of the field.” Leiva also acknowledged his strength in “communication; [he] was able to talk to the players and tell them where [he] was at and where they were at so they were able to move ball up the field.” But of course, he had some weaknesses, he believed his “shot accuracy needs a lot of work.”

The Aviators played an amazing and dominant game. They’re playing in championship form and this will lead them to nothing, but success. The team’s next game is on Tuesday, January 19th at Vistamar. Come out and support the team. Go Aviators!