Surprise Someone, Do Something Nice

Kellie Gomez, Writer

Little things can really make someone’s day great. Even though small gestures may not seem like much to you, they really do significantly mean something to the other person — stranger or not. For instance, giving an acquaintance a compliment, can brighten up their day. I remember one day where I was at the grocery store, and a lady behind me in line only had two items to purchase; just by instinct, I told her she could go ahead of me. She was very appreciative and told me, “Thank You” multiple times. Not only was she happy, but so was I, knowing that every little act of kindness can spread happiness and a smile across a person’s face in an instant. Below are some random acts of kindness that can significantly make someone’s day more magnificent.

  1. Help someone take a picture. Usually, when friends or families want to take a picture with everyone in it, they have no one to help take a photo, meaning they would absolutely appreciate an extra hand to help them take a picture!
  2. Tell the truth to someone. It’s really difficult sometimes, but it’s what friends do. Telling the truth increases trust, and makes people feel more pleased with you.
  3. Participate in a fundraiser. Although fundraisers may sound boring, just know that they are for a great cause or can even be money going to towards your school!
  4. Offer someone your pen. Many times in class there is always those few people who forget to bring a pen to class. If you have an extra one you don’t mind for them to borrow, offer them it. This also goes for other materials, like a highlighter or pencil sharpener.
  5. Give a picture of a smiley face to someone. It may sound weird or insignificant, but if I were to have someone give me a picture of a goofy smiley face, I’d totally smile too.
  6. Offer to help with heavy lifting. If you see someone struggling with their belongings, and you’ve got a free hand to lend, help them out.

Now that I’ve given several acts of kindness, it’s always great to do any of these! Hopefully this gives some sort of inspiration into spreading more kindness around the world to anyone: stranger, classmate, or even family member!