Valeria Arroyo and Jamey Castro

As you’re walking out, you do one last check to see if you have everything you need. “Phone? Check. Wallet, keys, and mask? Check, check, and…oh no, I forgot my mask!” 

Running back inside, you grab your mask. “I should have ordered a mask that would match with my costume. This ruins my whole outfit.” There’s nothing you can do about it now. You head out and go trick or treating. Even after months of seeing everyone wearing masks, it’s still weird because everyone has costumes that don’t come with masks. They look a bit out of place. Although there were a couple of people with terrifying teeth or monster printed jaws on their mask, making it a little less awkward. You suddenly start to feel a little more mysterious like those fellow strangers you walked past. While you stroll through the neighborhood. You realize that there aren’t many houses giving out candy. Of course! Maybe it was for the best. 


When you go to the store, you’ll see that there’s already Halloween decorations, kids are starting to show off their costumes and their candy baskets. Even if it is through their mom’s facebooks. 

The weather is starting to change and the green leaves are turning into beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows. What a pretty season for a not so pretty year.

So how is Covid-19 going to change this year’s Halloween? Is there a possibility that Halloween will get canceled? What is it going to be like?! Is Halloween even relevant anymore?


Well, one thing’s for sure, we have to wear masks and practice social distancing. We have to stay safe so that more people don’t get sick. Halloween has always had its dark side that everyone has to be careful about but this year we have to be even more cautious. 

It is best recommended to STAY AT HOME. Sure, where’s the fun staying at home in your costume if no one is there to see! Well, never fear because we certainly have the solution. 


Remember how at the start of the year, perhaps even on new years eve, where people were listing holidays and what days they would land on? A good example would be that Cinco de Mayo was on a taco Tuesday. But we aren’t here to talk about other holidays, other than Halloween! We will be listing all the reasons why Halloween will be a good one this year no matter how much this year has brought us down.


Unlike most Halloween in the past, you may have been notified that this year, it will land on a Saturday. How rare is that?!?! Very. During the past years, we all suffered from wanting to stay at home after all the walking for hours, in sweating costumes, cold nights, with obvious sore feet the next morning because of school. Very dreadful instead. But not this year! Now you can stay up longer, eat more without suffering at school but instead in the comfort of your bed, sleeping in on a nice Sunday morning. 


There’s more! For you Halloween lovers, you’re in for a good treat. The time will be changed that day, so your favorite holiday will last a couple of hours longer. Gives you that extra spooky time, with spooky feels while you’re watching your spooky movie 😉


But wait, there’s even more! Okay, sure. What if Halloween lands on a Saturday and the day is long? Big deal. It’s not like we’re going to be out all night hunting for candy. True… but hear us out. Have you ever seen a blue moon? Yea, that’s right. A BLUE MOON. Yes, if you watched the smurfs then you basically have a simple idea of what is going on on Halloween night. It’s probably as cool as it sounds. A blue moon is really rare, according to Catherine Boeckman in their very interesting and informative article “HALLOWEEN BLUE MOON IN 2020: HOW RARE IS A FULL MOON ON HALLOWEEN?”, they state that it only happens in 18 to 19 years! You definitely don’t want to miss it. 


Stay Home Ideas

Okay, maybe you’re bummed out about this whole no trick or treating stuff. Who wants to go to the musty, dusty, sidewalks and walk for hours for candy that may not even be good?

Well, candy isn’t and shouldn’t be the highlight of your Halloween. Having fun with your friends and family is. Here are some ideas on what you can do at home away from germy strangers. 

  • Ghost Photographs: There was a trend on an app, called TikTok, where multiple people put over sheets, or blankets on them, to attempt that cartoony ghost style and take multiple pictures to capture that album cover, ghost in the wild sort of thing
  • Horror night: typical movie night with your family, horror movies, snacks, warm blankets
  • Look at the blue moon to enjoy a rare life experience 
  • Summon demons (in a responsible way)
  • Bake cookies and compete with one another
  • Make your own horror film