ROADTRIP!!! Junior to UC Santa Barbara

Titilope Akinnitire, Features Editor & Writer

On February 20, 2020, the junior class embarked on a field trip to the UC Santa Barbara campus. Seeing as their senior year is fast-approaching, the juniors were given great exposure to what college life might be like for them in the near future, along with greater exposure to the admissions process. Students on the trip took part in a tour, informational meeting, and a nice lunch on campus. 


As we fall into the usual HMSA routine, our environment can start to feel small. Gazing out of the palm trees through the bus window, students were immersed into a new world—they surely weren’t in Hawthorne anymore. After a long bus ride, the class of 2021 arrived at the UC Santa Barbara campus. 


“I didn’t expect the campus to be so diverse,” an anonymous junior says. “I didn’t feel like such an outsider in the end.”


Students sat in on an informational meeting where they learned more about expectations for them as prospective students, and about the university in general. Broken off into groups, and led by tour guides, our young Aviators traversed the campus, full of Triton spirit, and endless places to explore. 


The eventful day was finished off with a tasty lunch on campus. As they enjoyed their time on campus, eating and laughing together, the juniors began to feel like they were students on campus, rather than mere visitors. After a long ride back from Santa Barbara, the junior class was back on campus, looking forward to college, and mentally preparing for next school year.