New Social Media Trend: Fidget Spinners

May 19, 2017


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The social media trends will never end. Every now and then, a new craze comes up. The newest trend is the Fidget Spinner. Yes, spinning gadgets. First, everyone was obsessed with the Hoverboards until they began going up in flames. Then, it was the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Now, it is the Fidget Spinners.

To start off, Fidget Spinners are toys made for kids with disorders such as ADHD or autism. They are meant to help kids concentrate and focus. They are supposed to help kids that have problems with fidgeting. Hence, they are called FIDGET Spinners. But their intended purpose is being corrupted, taking away the acceptability of the gadget. Places that would’ve once allowed these spinners, are banning them, making it difficult for people who truly rely on these devices. They’re even being banned in schools, where children experience the most anxiety and would have a need for them. They come in various colors (gold, blue, purple) and shapes. Some have spiky ends (as seen in the picture provided) and others have round ends. I don’t blame people who are purchasing it; without knowing its true purpose, it looks like any other toy in the store.

Unsurprisingly, social media has done it again. It has turned the purpose of another movement/idea another way. The device has been blowing up all over Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Most children or teenagers I know have one. My own brother has one. He says all his friends at school have one so he decided to ask our parents for one too. Of course, like most parents, they just think it is another popular toy.

Hopefully, the goal of the Fidget Spinner eventually gets fulfilled and actually helps children with ADHD or autism cope with their disorder. I believe it was a fun way to help kids deal with daily struggles, but yet again, the Internet has ruined another great idea. For my part, I can help the creators of the Fidget Spinner accomplish their purpose for designing the device by informing and educating my peers through this article. Once again, the Fidget Spinner is not another Hoverboard.

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