Wonder Woman: the Woman of Tomorrow

A crash course to who she is, what she symbolizes, and what to expect in her new movie

May 19, 2017

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic superheroes ever created, recognized around the globe. She can fly, is virtually indestructible, and is an expert warrior, both in weapons and hand to hand combat. And now, thanks to the creative powers at Warner Brothers, the Amazonian princess is about to debut in her very own aptly titled movie: Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston in the 1940s, with a few suggestions from his wife Elizabeth. Although a plethora of powers and designs define superheroes to the casual fan, the most compelling piece to the Superhero puzzle is what they stand for. Most heroes remain squarely centered around certain ideals and morals they believe in and fight to protect. As Christopher Reeve declared, Superman defends “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” Batman’s religious devotion to stealth and darkness accurately depict his ultimate goal of controlled peace through fear. So what does Wonder Woman represent? Created during the early 20th century when women were overwhelmingly seen as better suited for the domestic life, Wonder Woman symbolized a powerful independent woman. Throughout the decades she has grown to embody grace through strength, confidence, and compassion.

Theatrical poster. (Source: Warner Brothers)

But who is Wonder Woman? She’s an Amazon, a military-based civilization of women, not unlike the Spartans of Ancient Greece. They live on the enchanted island of Themyscira, a paradise refuge where no men are allowed. Before she was called Wonder Woman by the mortal world, Diana was the princess of the Amazons, daughter of the Amazon queen. The details of her birth have varied in different comics, from the Greek gods molding the Amazons from clay to Diana being the bastard child of Zeus.

Ever since she amazed everyone with her performance as Wonder Woman during the polarizing Batman v Superman, actress Gal Gadot revealed the plan for a Wonder Woman solo movie. Patty Jenkins directed the film, passionate to create an experience worthy of the character. Chris Pine is also starring in the film, portraying Diana’s love interest and U.S. soldier Steve Trevor. Set during World War I, the film is an origin story for Diana, where her journey to become Wonder Woman and her backstory are revealed. Warner Bros. has been heavily advertising the film over the past two weeks, with several TV spots and a final trailer.

These little glimpses at the film haven’t revealed much on plot, but are heavy on action. Diana is shown training vigorously from a young age, then smashing her way through ranks of German soldiers. The visual effects and settings are simply breathtaking; the green warmth of Themyscira is juxtaposed perfectly with the dark chaos of war-ridden Europe. The Greek God of War, Ares, will be the main antagonist. Known for his temper and brutality in Greek mythology, rumor has it Ares killed Zeus, Diana’s father. The film seems to be embracing the story of Diana being a demigod since she’s shown to have lightning around her bracelets in brief shots of the trailer.

Diana leaping into battle. (Source: Warner Brothers)

The DCEU (DC Extended Universe) is a movie series based on the heroes from DC comics that Warner Bros. hopes will rival the success of MCU (Marvel’s Cinematic Universe). While the DCEU excels at the box office, most critics (wrongfully) hated Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. All Wonder Woman must do is be good; positive word of mouth for Wonder Woman may convince many moviegoers of the DCEU’s merits. Wonder Woman is the first female superhero movie, with a female director helming the project. Female directors aren’t normally charged with giant summer movies, and female-led sci-fi/action films have not dominated the box office. Just look at Scarlett Johansson’s Ghost in the Shell, which is considered a flop, heavily underperforming at the box office. Wonder Woman can be the game changer for female directors and female-led action films in Hollywood.

Set during World War I, Wonder Woman follows the young Diana as she is introduced to mankind’s world. With spectacularly choreographed set pieces, sprinkles of humor, a straightforward story, and stunning visual effects, this film will surely deliver the perfect movie experience to kick off summer.

The final trailer only intensifies the hype; watch it below to experience Wonder and Power as never before. Be sure to see Wonder Woman, released in theaters June 2.


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