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May 19, 2017

A beautiful golden sun, a glimmering ocean water, and a cold lemonade by the beach; all perfect depictions of a perfect summer. However, not many of us know how to spend our time during the summer. Some people are busy getting a job, taking a class, and/or spending time with friends and family. There are so many inexpensive things to do this summer.

Many great summer activities cost little to nothing and allow you to enjoy the summer without having to pass out from the heat. The beach is a great place to visit this summer. Decide on a date, pick up an umbrella and towel, pack a homemade lunch (my favorite homemade lunches are sandwiches), and head out to the beach. The ocean breeze never fails to calm and cool everyone in the strong summer heat. Read a good book under the shade while listening to the calm sounds of the waves touching the shore. This inexpensive summer trip can be done alone or with friends! Build sandcastles because no one is ever too old to build one. Play volleyball, soccer, or even play with a Frisbee. Speaking of the beach, bonfires are a great activity to do with friends and family (Suggestions: Dockweiler, Redondo, Santa Monica). Find a good spot where they have a pit and start your fire. The park is also full of summer fun: picnics, sports, even going for a walk. Take a dollar or two to the park and go for a walk with a friend. The trees shade you from the hot sun and there are usually ice cream vendors at some parks. Doesn’t strolling around a beautiful park while holding an ice cream cone sound relaxing (Suggestions: Alondra park, Rocketship park, Glasgow park)?

Camping is another great option for summer adventures. If nature is your calling, then camping is definitely something to do this summer. There are many great places to go camping, although it can take up many hours to get to these locations. Of course, even the drive is worth it because who doesn’t like a good break from the city? Places to go camping include Big Bear, Pyramid Lake, Yosemite Park, Sequoia National Park, and many other places that offer camping grounds. Camping is a great way to relax and take in nature’s beauty as you sit by the fire under a sky full of stars. S’mores are a delicious snack to have when camping. It’s basically a tradition to make s’mores on a campfire.

Hiking is a great summer activity (especially if you like being active and being in the outdoors). There are many great places to go hiking, plus these places aren’t too far away. There are a couple great places to go hiking: Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, Veterans Park, Hollyridge Trail, and Runyon Canyon. There are many other places with trails for hiking! Bring snacks, water, and lunch for the hike because by the end of the trip you’re differently going to work up an appetite!

If you feel like making summer DIY’s, it’s the perfect time to make personalized popsicles! It’s perfectly fine not to have popsicle molds. Instead, use a cup, tinfoil, and a wooden popsicle stick. Cut up some fruits, find your favorite juice, and mix them evenly. Cover the top of the cup with tin foil, stick the wooden popsicle stick through it, and freeze it for a couple hours. By the end, you should have a delicious fruit juice popsicle! Here’s a video for the popsicle recipe!

If you feel like spending money this summer there are also fun activities you can do. Beating the heat is no difficult task when visiting a water park. Places like Knott’s Soak City, Raging Waters, and Hurricane Harbor are great water parks to visit this Summer. They are all really similar water parks so any of them would be equally enjoyable. If swimming and splashing aren’t your thing that’s perfectly fine. There are amusement parks such as Six Flags and Disneyland. If these places are too expensive, Knott’s Berry Farm is a great inexpensive alternative.

Mark your calendars and start planning this summer! Don’t be afraid to try new things. Filling up this summer with great memories is definitely something to do. Don’t forget to take pictures to capture your summer moments!

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