NFL Draft

May 23, 2017

It has been almost a couple months since the Super Bowl had passed. The NFL Draft happened this past Thursday and we’ll be doing a re-cap of it. We’ll be going over the top picks for most of the teams as well. First and foremost with the first round, The Cleveland Browns chose Myles Garrett, who played with Texas A&M in college. Myles Garrett was the highest-rated defensive player and in 2014, Garrett broke the sack record (freshmen year) of 5.5 in a span of six games.

For the second pick of the first round, Mitchell Trubisky was selected to play for the Chicago Bears. Trubisky plays quarterback and according to, Trubisky has a passing efficiency rating of 157.6. He has a total of 386 passing completions out of the 572 attempted passes. He played for the University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill.

The 49ers selected Solomon Thomas, who is a defensive end, from Stanford Cardinal. According to, Solomon Thomas averages 12 sacks and has a total of 98 tackles. With the fourth overall pick in the NFL draft, the Jaguars selected Leonard Fournette. Leonard Fournette played football at Louisiana State University (LSU). Leonard plays running back and just a year ago, Fournette had a total of 843 rushing yards (
Corey Dais was selected by the Tennessee Titans as the fifth overall pick of the first round. He played college football at Western Michigan and became the NCAA’s career receiving yards leader.
Finally, the sixth overall pick of the NFL draft, Jamal Adams was chosen by the New York Jets. Adams plays as safety and played for LSU.

According to, Solomon Thomas (selected by the 49ers as the third overall pick) said in an interview, “I’m so excited. I’m so blessed to be on such an amazing organization and [to] be a 49er.” Stanford head coach David Shaw responded to the 49ers choosing Thomas by saying, “I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in the next level.” He added on to that by saying, “he’s an extraordinary young man.”

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