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The 2017 MLB Season Kicks Off

May 1, 2017

MLB kicked off the season on April 2 with three opening games, one being the 2016  champions, the Chicago Cubs, against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cubs encountered a 3-4 defeat against the Cardinals, giving them a rough start to the season, but with the season just beginning the Cubs have time to get their sights set. The Cubs are still going negative as of Monday, April 17.

The Los Angeles Dodgers won their first game of the season, unfortunately, everything went downhill afterward. With many talented pitchers, the Dodgers are determined to come out on top in their subdivision. The Dodgers have expert players such as Clayton Kershaw and Adrian Gonzalez, as well as young talent, such as Julio Arias. Since the season is still in its early days, the Dodgers look like they can make a come back, to add to the argument that they will make a comeback, the quality of their players isn’t a problem.

Now onto the standings, let’s start off with the American League. On the East side, Baltimore sits on top with the New York Yankees right underneath. Although Baltimore has been playing excellent this season, there’s no doubt the Yankees can easily surpass them as these two teams have been the most outstanding in their subdivision. In the Central region, we have the Detroit Tigers with a two to one win ratio. Although the Tigers are up there, their confidence can really jeopardize their rank. In the West, the Houston Astros have the highest win loss ratio at the moment with a whopping nine wins to four losses.

Now in the National League, The Washington Nationals, Miami Marlins, and New York Mets are all closely tied for the Eastern subdivision. For the Central subdivision, the Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds are both on top, with the Reds having a slight edge. Finally, we have the Western subdivision with the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks at the top, and the determined Dodgers in third place.

Although many of your teams may be struggling, remember the season just began earlier this month and your team has until October 1 to reach the top and make it to playoffs. Until then, keep cheering and stay tuned for more coverage on your local baseball team.

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