The Originals – Recap: “Haunter of Ruins” (4 x 3)

April 27, 2017



Key detail from episode 2: Rebekah, Freya, Hayley, Elijah, and Kol rescue Klaus from Marcel’s captivity.

Yes, it finally happens. Klaus reunites with Hope after 5 long years. I have to admit that their first encounter was strange. Although Klaus yearns for everyone to fear him, he becomes saddened when his own daughter behaves uneasy at his presence. After their awkward “hellos,” the two quickly bond. They even share a father-daughter moment as they paint together in the garden. While Klaus reminisces about his childhood and they learn more about each other, they come across an injured butterfly and a glimpse of Hope’s magical abilities is shown.

On another note, Vincent and his crazy, child-sacrificing witchcraft are back. The same “blue circle” that harmed the young warlock in episode one consumed his wife Eva. It influenced her to go on kidnapping sprees and eventually led to her and her unborn child’s death. The Circle has been freed in New Orleans, and it chooses a set of kids to participate in the sacrifice. It isn’t much of a coincidence that Hope gets selected as well; she is going to be the most powerful witch in town.

With Rebekah and Kol on the run in search of love and safety, Elijah reflects on his new life and what he desires to do with it. Elijah and Hayley share intimate moments as they discuss their potential future together. Hayley reveals her selfish motivations for bringing the Mikaelsons back to life: to make Elijah happy. Elijah reveals his insecurities to Hayley and assures her that there is goodness in her heart despite her past actions. The two share an honest moment and strengthen their relationship in the process.

Episode 3 of The Originals begins the rising action of season 4. Although there are still many unanswered questions, the plot is finally beginning to “kick off” and develop.

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