The Rise of Solo Harry

April 28, 2017

Harry Styles, for those of you who don’t know, is a member of the band One Direction (currently on hiatus). During their hiatus, many of the boys decided to pursue their own interests. Harry Styles seems to be doing the most. Harry will debut his acting career in the movie Dunkirk this summer and will be releasing a solo album on May 12.

On April 7, Harry released his first single as a solo artist. This song is titled “Sign of the Times.” It was a much anticipated single because many wanted to see what type of music he would pursue. Before the release of the single, it was rumored that it was a nod to the music of David Bowie, and old British rock. At midnight, when the song was released, I immediately hopped onto iTunes and bought the single. Not knowing what to expect, I went to my music and saw that the song was about five minutes long. I clicked on it and was surprised. “Sign of the Times” is very different from the music you would hear coming from One Direction. It’s slow yet catchy and has a depth to its lyrics. Previously, Harry also released a single but didn’t gain much attention. This song was titled “Don’t Let Me Go.” For some reason, this song is underrated. It carries a sad tune to it and deep lyrics. Styles is really talented in writing lyrics that have a deeper meaning to it. Almost a week after the release of his first single, Styles let out information on his debut album; he released the cover and the 10 titles of the songs. This caused an entire meltdown for One Direction and Styles fans. More information was added onto his website regarding his album and the prices. There are multiple different packs that you can buy, but they are a little dent in your pocket. There are many different editions, and many include photos of Styles and a 32-page hardcover book of exclusive photos. (More information on the multiple bundles can be found on If you want to listen to “Sign of the Times,” you can listen to it on Spotify or Youtube.

After revealing his new single and the new album, Styles dropped another surprise on fans. Jimmy Fallon announced that he and Styles would be on SNL on April 15. Many fans were eager to hear “Sign of the Times” live for the first time. Many were also eager to see his roles in the skits and see if he could pull it off. On April 15, hours before the show, fans started to line up outside of the studio in order to see Styles perform. They waited for hours on the streets of New York, and Styles, known for his generosity to fans, bought pizzas, kiwis, and other snacks to pass around to the fans waiting outside. Kiwis may seem like a weird snack to pass around, but Harry has a new song on his album titled “Kiwi.” This led to many fans believing that later that night, he will sing “Kiwi” for them. Later on in the night, Harry performed in multiple skits. He also performed “Sign of the Times.” He came back on stage after a few more skits and then played a new song that caught fans by surprise. He sang the song titled “Ever Since New York.” He came out with a guitar and this shocked the fans because he never really plays instruments. The performances can be found on the SNL Youtube.

A lot is expected of Harry this year, make sure to stay tuned for more news about him. I’ll also be writing a review on his album when it comes out, and make sure to watch for his appearance in Dunkirk. Now, go listen and enjoy Harry’s new music!

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