The Originals – Recap: “Gather Up the Killers” (4 x 1)

March 29, 2017

[Warning: Minor Spoilers]

The Originals series returned last Friday, March 17 and aired Episode 1 of Season 4 on CW. With The Vampire Diaries recently ending after 8 long years and leaving many watchers desperate for new addictions, The Originals returned with a BANG and repaired the broken hearts of the fandom. Thank you, Julie Plec (creator of The Vampire Diaries AND The Originals) for blessing us.

A Quick recap of Season 3: Kol, Elijah, and Freya receive the poison bite and are put under a slumber spell to slow down their deaths. Still-hexed Rebekah also falls into a slumber, but Klaus becomes Marcell’s prisoner. Hayley leaves town with their bodies and protects them for five years while raising her and Klaus’ daughter, Hope. We are finally introduced to five-year-old Hope in the first 20 minutes of the episode. I cannot wait to see her power unleash; let’s not forget she’s a witch AND a hybrid (werewolf and vampire). Mysteriously, the episode ends with Hope’s drawings of the “blue circle,” which we know nothing about except the fact that it harmed the young warlock.

I cannot express how much I missed watching Joseph Morgan (who plays Klaus). Seeing him chained up and tortured by Marcellus hurts more than running two miles in P.E. the same week. I am waiting on his family’s vengeance because it’s going to be astonishing. Knowing how powerful Klaus is, Marcell continuously does him wrong and I just cannot understand the level of ignorance he obtains.

Now let’s talk about Hayley’s “glow up.” We see her strength has increased when she fights off enemies who try to stop her from bringing the Mikaelsons back. She’s also more confident and tougher; we can thank her new ability to change into a wolf any time she desires. Her love for Hope motivates her to fight harder to get her family back, especially Elijah. Let’s not forget her husband, Jackson, died last season; therefore, allowing her to express her love for Elijah more publicly. But let’s be honest . . . everyone knows they’re in love with each other (#Haylijah).

Overall, the first, returning episode of The Originals was A+ in my book. So much occurred and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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