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We Are Number One Except It’s An Aviator News’ Article

March 29, 2017

Are you a real “Memer?” Have you ever made a meme, like a real spicy one? Alright, I can see that I will have to teach you how to be memers.

You probably aren’t a real Memer. People love to consider themselves “Meme Connoisseurs,” but memes are evolving. Video memes are where it’s at now. Not just Vines (R.I.P) or funny viral videos, but videos that incorporate what the collective (for some odd reason) finds funny. It doesn’t need to make sense, it just needs to be funny. This doesn’t mean the typical picture meme is dying out–it simply means video memes are gaining traction and adding another layer to the magnificent world of “memery.”

“We Are Number One,” a song originally done on a children’s TV show Lazy Town, has become one of the most prominent video memes in the past five months. Most memes last a month until they become overused, and eventually this one will lower in status too, but it (along with other notable video memes) is opening a new realm for memes.

Logo owned by LazyTown Entertainment and Viacom International for LazyTown.


Now read this closely! Here’s a little lesson in memery and this is going down in history!

I guarantee in twenty years history textbooks nationwide are going to have, at the very least, brief sections discussing the rise of the video meme. They’re easy to make, they somehow gain thousands, sometimes millions, of views and they take old or irrelevant bits of pop culture and revamp them into a full-blown phenomenon. The first step to creating a meme with all these parts is knowing exactly how you’re going to format them. Here’s a video tutorial explaining how to make one of these memes, while using the meme in their own video. So, unless you are in it for the meme, watch the first half hour if you are truly interested in learning!

If you want to be a Memer: Number One, you have to use the right memes on the rise.

This is key to making your very own video meme. It’s not about just using the meme; in cases like “We Are Number One,” integrating other memes or styles into your meme creates the most enjoyable experience. The video must be one people will share and remember whether it’s because it was hilarious, expertly done, or plain nonsense. The goal is to get views and satisfaction with your final product. A great example of integrating memes into other memes is found in YouTuber Grandayy, who has a multitude of “We Are Number One” video memes that have a high success rate (some are featured in here, definitely turn on the captions if you decide to watch, he sometimes hides clever stuff in them).

As for applying a style, those can be seen in a “We Are Number One” video I watched recently where 13 different styles of metal were used to make the song.

 Other popular video memes use a lot of style integration, such as speeding up the movie at certain points or replacing a certain word.

Just follow my advice and meme around, be careful not to copy!

As I mentioned earlier, it’s important to make something you are satisfied in, but copying is the worst. Inspiration is alright, but don’t take someone else’s video and repost it as your own. Make one unique to your own personal style (like the one below), something that obviously screams you.

Now look at this meme that I just found, when I say watch get ready to laugh! Watch! Laugh at the meme, not me! Ugh, let’s try something else!

Not everyone finds these memes funny. It is the all-too-common situation of showing your friend something that makes you laugh and getting nothing but silence or an obviously forced laugh. The amazing thing I’ve noticed with these video memes is that there is one for everyone, because of their extreme customizability. If someone is interested in the revival of Windows XP, they can watch memes that literally use the sounds from Windows XP to recreate other tunes. If that’s not their style and they’re interested in words (guilty!), they might love a video meme where a more formal version of the words of a song are used instead of the original lyrics.

Now watch and learn, here’s the deal! You’ll laugh and love all this meme appeal!

I’m safe to assume that our generation has a strange infatuation with memes. It’s a part of our conversations, they are constantly sought, and everyone loves a good laugh. Video memes, in particular, really channel these three necessary things, ultimately causing the masses to be appealed by a platform that adopts pop culture in a distinct way as its foundation.

Memes are number one!

Memes hold a special place in my heart, so watching them evolve into something new, for nearly half a year now, has been amusing. What the future holds for video memes is countless, there are a variety to choose from and many more ideas that are waiting to be created. Have fun becoming “Memer Number One!”

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