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Adrian’s Mind-Bending Quiz! (The Green Edition)

I am back once again to bring you another edition of my mind-bending quiz, courtesy of Aviator News. The topic of this quiz is the word “green.” Green is more than a secondary color and has different interpretations. For example, the color of the Environmental Club sweaters is green, referring to the importance of our environment. Green also applies to emotions, as some people might be “green with envy” toward something. Also, the color refers to St. Patrick’s Day and represents the country of Ireland. Green can signify the environment, the color, John Green, and basically anything.

I’m going to quiz you on everything green. If you earn a good score on this quiz, you can potentially use this information to win some green (money) on a gameshow. I hope you can learn something from this quiz. Good luck and DON’T BE IN THE RED!

If you have any suggestions for future quizzes, email me at Thanks for trying out my quiz and remember that more will be coming in the future.

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