Adrian’s Mind-Bending Quiz! (Literature)

Do you have book smarts? Let’s find out with my quiz!

Adrian Munoz, quiz master, is back to bring you another quiz! With the year winding down, it is really sad to see our seniors leave our beloved school. In honor of them, we would like to wish the Graduating Class of 2016 the very best of luck in college, as well as in their futures.

This week’s quiz will be about literature. Books bring us a new adventure every time we open the pages. Thanks to Ms. Enger, I’ve started to read more often. It brings me a sense of joy that I felt as kid. I’ve started to read with more fascination, focus, and understanding of the messages in the book. This quiz will revolve around books from the past and the present. Try not to use the Internet when taking the quiz! I wish you all good luck.


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