Multicultural Day

Abiha Hasan, Writer

Multicultural Day is a long awaited event for the HMSA community, and it is FINALLY near! Students and staff have all worked together to be able to display such a beautiful event that ties culture, human connection, empathy, curiosity , and peers together. From a fashion show to performances to art work, Multicultural Day is a day that truly is the definition of its title—a day of beaming culture. 


We interviewed Ms. Jordan, one of the organizers for multicultural day about this tradition: 

When did the idea of Multicultural Day start? And when did it come to vision?

It started with the first principal of the school, Mr. Morrow, when he told me that I was 

expected to have the Spanish students perform for the school. The vision was inspired 

from my own hometown, where we had a celebration in which each year a different 

country was honored. Different performers and artists from those specific countries were 

invited to the festival.


From your first Multicultural Day to now, how have you improved it and how has it changed?

The 1st time-it was held in the MPR, which previously had a stage and there was a lack of  

space for the audience. It seemed to grow with participation each year until it became an 

annual event. 


How do you expect the now, COVID-19 regulations to affect the day? 

It affected it immensely because only the seniors (previous freshmen) have participated in this event. Also, given the amount of time in isolation, students have become self-conscious and unwilling to put themselves out there in front of peers, and it will take more confidence that is usually expected of to rebuild that. 


From an organizing standpoint, what are some things you take into consideration when planning this idea? Are there any specific things that you try to achieve? 


I want this event to be a student-led event. I want it to foster leadership skills where they can create and design an event that produces their own vision.


Why was it decided to introduce this event?

All the initial teachers from the HMSA’s beginning wanted to create a school that was different and exceptional so it required teachers and students to step out of their comfort zone and make an effort to do something that is meaningful and diverse, hence teaching others about each other’s culture.


What is the goal you aspire for it to achieve? 

To have every single student in HMSA be able to show a talent, skill, or an interest that will be meaningful for others to see and learn from.


Why are all sophomores,freshmen, and juniors required to participate in this event?

The original Spanish standards require, as part of the Spanish program, to analyze and participate in cultures nationally and globally. 


What is the most exciting part of this day in your opinion? 

Seeing students dressed up in beautiful attire and seeing students perform! We also asked a student decorator for multicultural day–Daniele Mejia, a current senior, and Valeria, an alumni that is helping organize the event–some questions!!


How do you see Multicultural changing students’ perspectives and making them more keen on others’ culture? 

Daniele Mejia: By starting to look at other cultures and learning peer’s traditions and holidays, it will change student’s perspectives because they’re enhancing their knowledge.  

Valeria: It gives opportunities for students to see beyond their own bubbles. It’s very impactful to learn about cultures that they didn’t really think about and enhancing their  sense of diversity.

How do you see students being more proud of their culture? 

Daniele: Expressing, conversations, performances, art, and representation, all shine light on their culture and therefore, they’ll be less encouraged to shine away from it.

Valeria: Conversations and learning more about their own cultures, as well as others’, give a sense of pride. 

What is a core memory for you from this event?

Daniele: When I was a freshman and had to participate in multicultural, I showed a recipe on how to make empanadas. I talked about how I had it every morning, and how my mom made it for me. Seeing others’ responses made me really proud of my culture and sharing these core memories made me realize how special my culture truly is—to me and to others. 

Valeria: Multicultural used to be an evening event, so I liked seeing performances at night. Food, performances, the fashion show–all were all so fun. And the memories made by coming together and focusing on fun rather than the rigorous curriculum at HMSA made it so much more special.

Why did you choose to be a leader in organizing this event?

Daniele: Actually, originally, I was going to be a volunteer, but decided to be a leader. I wanted the part of the responsibility of showcasing the school as diverse as it truly is. 

Valeria: I am assisting with all activities in the counseling office and support all students in planning and executing all goals.

What is the funnest part of this day in your opinion? 

Daniele: Talking with others, and learning is very fun. Expressing creativity and feeling the excitement of the day is also a serotonin boost. But I would say that it would be more exciting to be a participant. 

Valeria: Performances are very fun to see, especially seeing people’s effort pay off. I, personally, used to help my friends with their performances and I would firsthand see the effort pay off, which was so fun. 


Organizers like Ms. Jordan, Daniele, and Valeria all worked extremely hard to put together such an amazing event, as well as all participants. Some of us are first-generation immigrants, and others come from a very long line of immigrants, but today, we are connected in celebrating the culture that our long line of ancestors all shared. For some, this day was nostalgic, a day to reflect on their childhoods that bloomed with culture—even at times, when this culture wasn’t a source of pride; this day reflects on the pride that we should all have. The pride that our ancestors shared, the facial features that we share with them, and the connection with them that will always pass down like a folk tale.

I hope you have all benefited from such an amazing day, and made many fun memories!