The Bigger Picture

With the Golden State Warriors still on top with a record of 69 wins and only 9 losses (and still trying to top off the Bulls’ record of 72-10), the playoffs are starting to look a bit more challenging. Just below the Warriors are the San Antonio Spurs, with a record of 65 wins and 12 losses. LeBron James’ Cavaliers are third in the NBA standings with 56 wins and 23 losses. The Spurs and Warriors have played each other twice this season. The Warriors defeated the Spurs with a score of 120-90, a huge blowout for the Spurs. Although the Spurs lost that game, the team came back to defeat the Warriors in their second meeting with a score of 87-79. However, the Warriors have better things to worry about than setting a new record. With 4 total games remaining for the Warriors and two matchups against the Spurs, the Warriors may still lose the number one seed to the Spurs. The Spurs are proving to be a great contender for the Golden State Warriors, especially with the addition of Aldridge (who has been averaging 18 points per game, according to

The Spurs pose the greatest threat to the Warriors in the West, but the Cavaliers pose the greatest threat to the Warriors in the East. The Cavaliers are also trying to seek redemption against the Warriors for last year’s defeat in the Finals. The Cavaliers are hoping their roster can remain healthy and give the Warriors a better run for their money. While there is so much hype for the NBA playoffs, the Los Angeles Lakers have had a very rough season. Playoffs are now out of the picture for the lakers and Kobe Bryant will be playing his last ever game against the Utah Jazz before his career comes to an end on April 14th. With Kobe Bryant retiring, many wonder who the next franchise player will be for the Lakers.

On the other hand, the Clippers are also having quite a disappointing season. With only 45 wins and 27 losses, the Clippers may have a very tough time getting through the playoffs. Blake Griffin has been out with an injury for a long time now, and the Clippers are not sure whether or not they should be concerned about his return. As of right now, it seems like the Golden State Warriors are favorites to repeat as champions despite losing 2 games in the last 3.