The Kobe Bryant Show

The 2015-2016 season is a little bit more than halfway complete and the NBA marked the milestone with All-Star weekend. Kobe Bryant, who is retiring after this season, played in his last All-Star game after accumulating the most votes from fans. All-Star weekend might as well have been called the Kobe Bryant Show as many people came to see the legend.

Prior to the start of the All-Star game, Toronto presented Kobe Bryant with a tribute video. People were really emotional about it, including the star himself. There were so many people applauding him and showing respect for what he has done to change the many lives of the players and the game itself. With 18 All-Star selections, Kobe Bryant only trails fellow Laker, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most All-Star selections by 1. Bryant also has a lot to show for these 18 All-Star games including a record four MVP awards, a record 119 field goals made and a record 38 steals.  According to, Kobe Bryant scored 10 points from 4-11 shooting and had seven assists, one steal, and six rebounds. Despite being a favorite for the MVP, the award was given to last year’s winner, Russell Westbrook. He scored 31 points and had eight rebounds, five assists, and five steals. Kobe was far from having an All-Star performance, but it’s what the fans wanted.

Although Bryant was unable to win the MVP award in his last All-Star game, he will able to retire with an All-Star win as the Western Conference All-Stars defeated the Eastern Conference All-Stars with a score of 196-173. According to, this matchup broke the record for most points in a game. The All-Stars also recorded the two highest score by any team during All-Star weekend. Paul George scored 41 points in the game, just a shy point away from Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 42 points. Late in the game, the Western All-Stars knew George’s record was coming and decided to double team him until the game was over. If the Eastern Conference All-Star team won, then Paul George would have been MVP.

Aside from the All-Star game, there was also the annually held Three-Point Contest and Dunk Contest. Klay Thompson was the winner of the Three-Point Contest, and Zach Lavine repeated as the winner of the Dunk Contest. Klay Thompson had a score of 27 in the final round, beating Stephen Curry’s score of 23. The Splash Brothers had a good laugh, but fans realized Thompson was just as good as Curry in shooting after picking Curry as the favorite to win. Zach Lavine also won his second straight dunk contest, beating Aaron Gordon (Orlando Magic). Even though Aaron Gordon didn’t win, he still made unbelievable dunks including jumping and dunking over a mascot. Many people believed it should have been a tie, while others believed Gordon should have taken the trophy home.

The conclusion of All-Star weekend marked the beginning of the second half of the season. NBA teams are looking forward to what’s ahead as playoffs begin in just a couple months. For some teams, like the Lakers and 76ers, All-Star weekend was a break from repetitive losses. For other teams, like the Spurs and Warriors, All-Star weekend was a distraction as the Warriors returned from All-Star weekend with a loss against the Portland Trail Blazers. With a current record of 49-5, the Warriors are looking forward to breaking the 1996 Chicago Bulls record of 72-10 and repeating as champions.