Captain America: Civil War

The wait is almost over. Marvel Studios has revolutionized modern science fiction, captivating audiences all around the world with their massive blockbusters and iconic superheroes. The Avengers films changed cinematic history by bringing towering heroes together as a team. Two of the most beloved Avengers are Steve Rogers’ Captain America and Tony Stark’s Iron Man. These two have not always seen eye to eye, but were able to put aside their differences in the past and work together efficiently. In the third Captain America film however, the tension breaks. One faithful decision has left Cap and Tony on different sides, splitting the Avengers into two factions. This is Captain America: Civil War.

Civil War is to continue from where Avengers: Age of Ultron left off; with Cap leading the group of new Avengers and training them to become a team. To be released on May 6 in the U.S., Civil War will be the thirteenth film in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU). Notable Avengers like Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk have stepped down. Since the latest trailer has been released, fans have learned the cause of the feud. After another catastrophic event involving Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the world decides that the Avengers are too dangerous to be left loose, and that certain restrictions must regulate their actions. Captain America refuses to follow this declaration, believing that the Avengers should not be held back or tied down by the government. It is also made clear that someone is after Bucky, most likely to seek justice for his actions in The Winter Soldier. However, Tony Stark steps up on behalf of the government to enforce these regulations, believing that the world would benefit the most if those with superhuman abilities were kept in check. The Avengers take sides, with the Falcon, Ant-man, Hawk-eye, Scarlet Witch, and Bucky all standing with Cap. Iron Man has the support of best friend James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Black Widow, the Vision, and newcomer Black Panther. The famous web-slinger Spider-Man is also confirmed to make an appearance, though the scope of his role is not yet clear.

Captain America: Civil War is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. They have worked with Marvel Studios before, directing The Winter Soldier for Phase Two of its Cinematic Universe. One plot is clear; someone is hunting Bucky for reasons unknown. Cap explains to him that he’s a wanted man, to which Bucky replies that he doesn’t do that work anymore. Cap might even aid Bucky in evading his pursuers. I find it interesting to see how Cap and Bucky have evolved as characters throughout the trilogy. Cap’s Steve Rogers started out as a wimp-turned-soldier in The First Avenger , where he was the key weapon of U.S and Allied forces back in the 1940s. Here Bucky was his closest friend who was thought to be dead at the end of the film. In The Winter Soldier, Cap is visibly struggling to adjust to modern politics and ideals, questioning his purpose at S.H.I.E.L.D. Then a mysterious assassin enters the picture and threatens all his friends; a brain-washed Bucky, now known as the Winter Soldier. In the second installment of the franchise, Bucky and Cap clash head-on, seriously affecting both heroes mentally and physically. In the end, Cap defeats Bucky but refuses to kill him, proving his genuine friendship. The Winter Soldier escapes in the aftermath of the climatic battle, going on the run to discover his past. Civil War’s first trailer revealed that Bucky was found by Cap and the Falcon, and most importantly that he remembers everything. The trailer teased at another force at work in the shadows but focused mainly on the renewed friendship between the two soldiers and the growing tension between Cap and Stark.

In many ways, Civil War is expected to be a tremendous success, both at the box office and from critics. Box office predictions are extremely high, crossing the 1.5 billion mark according to Highly anticipated, it will be establishing new hero Black Panther and introducing Spider-Man, all while setting subplots for later movies. Black Panther, on team Iron Man, is the ruler of the fictional African nation Wakanda, which might be a setting in the movie. Sources have claimed that “he  would be playing a crucial role in the upcoming film” (Eisenberg, Cinemablend).  Other observations include the new tech from Team Iron Man. Stark and Rhodey have each upgraded their suits of armor; both looking noticeably sleeker than previous versions. Tony’s proved to be a brilliant inventor once again, having developed several flashy gadgets for all purposes. During the Super Bowl TV spot, audiences caught a glimpse of just how serious this movie would be. Bucky attempts to shoot Stark, Black Widow’s look of despair amidst explosions, and a tease of the face-off of both factions.

I know that this movie will dedicate a huge chunk of time depicting the Civil War, but the official villain- Baron Zemo- has yet to be revealed. Marvel has a reputation for keeping its secrets close, leaving me wondering what the growing threat is and how Zemo will interfere with the War, hopefully uniting the team once more. The new legislative action is a big deal, and some speculate that “Zemo will step in to take advantage of this new status quo and enact his evil plan while everyone’s attention is diverted” (Holmes, Cinemablend).  And who will win? I agree with Cap that heroes should remain free from the control of government interests, but I doubt his team’s’ ability to overcome the might of team Iron Man. With only the Falcon and Scarlet Witch possessing the means to fly, Team Captain America is outmatched by the Vision and the Iron Man suits in aerial combat. However, the playing field might be evened out for Team Cap, as a great deal of skirmishes are seen in closed-quarters, which is his and Bucky’s strength. Will there be fatalities? If the plot follows the comics, someone will certainly die. A glimpse of Rhodey unconscious or worse is revealed in the trailer. His suit was also badly mangled, with his arc reactor ripped out. The scenarios are endless, and one can sit speculating every little  detail all day. This leaves only one definite solution: going to theaters to see how all the pieces come together(or fall apart).

As one of the most highly-anticipated movies of 2016, Captain America: Civil War is bound to please. Its audience is diverse, ranging from awestruck children to hard-core adult fans. Full of blinding action, emotional thrills, and hopefully a bit of Stark comedy, I cannot wait to see how it all goes down in May. Another link for the official trailer is below, enjoy!