Alice Through The Looking Glass

Fairy tales are some warm memories I have from my childhood. As a boy it encouraged my imagination and helped me learn life lessons through a colorful story with captivating characters. While not everyone had the privilege to experience such stories, few can doubt their influence. Stories like Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, and Alice In Wonderland have become almost iconic in modern culture. Due to popular demand many of these fairy tales are continuously reprinted, and some are even adapted into films. Walt Disney studios is on the verge of releasing Alice Through The Looking Glass, a sequel to 2010’s Alice in Wonderland.

 Alice Through The Looking Glass will see the return of Alice, the White Queen, the Red Queen, and of course the Mad Hatter. It will be introducing Sacha Baron Cohen’s character of Time into the magical world of Wonderland, which once again needs saving. After returning through a looking glass, Alice must save the Hatter and borrow the Chronosphere, which is once again tied to the fate of of Wonderland. There are always complications however, and audiences will see the return of the shrewd Red Queen also competing for the Chronosphere .

Alice is the classic example of a hero on a quest. Her youth and innocence, while somewhat less that her first adventure in Wonderland, will surely provide suspense to the story. I expect this film to have a faster pace than its predecessor because Alice is no longer new to Wonderland. The whimsical world may seem more familiar the second time around, and therefore our protagonist can focused on the task at hand: saving the Hatter and Wonderland from Time. In Alice in Wonderland, the plot was very clear who was evil and who was good; the Red Queen had to be dethroned and the crown returned to her sister, the White Queen. In Alice Through the Looking Glass, I doubt the characters will be so subtly divided. Time is a powerful being, and seems more complex  and layered than the selfish Red Queen.

2010’s Alice in Wonderland grossed over a billion dollars at the box office. Will it’s sequel find the same success? With a worldwide box office projection of roughly $488, the odds of Through the Looking Glass surpassing or even matching its predecessor is unfavorable (Reyes, CinemaBlend). It will also be up against X-Men: Apocalypse, which comes out the same day. If you liked the first one, you’ll probably like the sequel, as it will surely dazzle even the most imaginative of minds. Waltz in to experience Wonderland for yourself when Alice Through The Looking Glass hits theaters May 27th! Also check out the official trailer 2 below.