Which Class of People Tends to Vote the Most and Why

Raul Rivera, Writer

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The class of people that votes the most is the rich class, while the working class votes the least. This stems from a number of reasons, such as the rich class being generally more educated than the working class, thus leading to a higher interest in politics.


The working class tends to not vote due to many reasons, such as having no interest in politics or not having enough time to vote. They may not have enough time to vote because many people have second jobs and do not have time to read up on politics or even register. A majority of people tend to not vote because they feel like their vote doesn’t matter, and this thought spreads amongst nonvoters, leading to many potential votes going unused.


The rich class tends to vote the most because they have the most interest in politics due to personal gains. These personal interest stem from the fact that new laws and policies can affect their business and/or agenda, thus leading to a high interest in politics. The working class falls in between the two groups, and so they aren’t as personally invested as the affluent.