Voting in your Community

Jonathan Alvarez, Writer

Los Angeles has a million residents that have not registered to vote. Not taking the decision to vote is a part of everyone’s right because, while you are not forced to vote, you are wasting your power as a resident to make a difference for your community and country. You can make a difference on your own by doing community service, but there are limitations. Voting representatives into office helps you maintain your life while doing community service that helps yourself and those around you.

When it comes to voting, it is your decision to choose people in office to represent you. Voting is a part of a democracy that we are privileged to have, and it gives us purpose. We prevent the government from having too much power and allow citizens to represent themselves.

Voting is more of a privilege than a opportunity since people in other countries are not allowed to vote for their leaders. Having a balance between the government and the hard working people of a country creates order and balance between the two.  The average worker helps provide for the country, but voting allows you to know who manages your work and ensures that you and your family lead healthy lives.

Some residents think that politicians are untrustworthy, so they take no interest in voting. However, as citizens, it is our job to do our homework on these politicians so that we elect the right leaders. Elections will remain as a hallmark in our democratic government. Politics are difficult to understand, but, once you consider all the factors, you will be able to make the best decision for yourself and your country.