What Would Happen if Republicans Won?

Lito Lawrence Go, Writer

We have a republican form of government, which is where the people and their elected representatives hold power and have an elected president. The Republican Party supports free market capitalism, free enterprise, business, a strong national defense, gun rights, and more. If they win the midterm elections on November 6, 2018, they would prioritize their agenda. How would this affect us as citizens in America?

In America, taxes are a big deal. They go towards our government and help America, but what do Republicans want to do with taxes? Republicans want to give tax cuts to the rich so they may hold more disposable income and use it by spending, saving, or investing. The also want to do the same with corporations or businesses. They support tax cuts because they claim that the purpose of it is to help regular citizens, thus resulting in an increase in a family’s average income. However, opponents refute this claim, as Democrats believe that business tax cuts won’t lead to helpful economic growth.

Some Republicans also aim to repeal Obamacare to prevent the replacement of Medicare. They intend to preserve the current program for seniors fifty-five and up and control costs of Medicare by giving lower-income seniors better medical support than higher-income seniors. For the rest of us under that age, there are some reforms on Medicare that those 55+ don’t have. According to a Republicanviews.org article, “Republican Views on Medicare,” published March 6, 2016, Republicans want to change Medicare from a defined benefit model to a defined contribution model. Instead of benefits being given to those enrolled in the program when they need those benefits, the people would be given financial support if they are beneficiaries and then spend the given funds on future expenses.