An Inspirational Teacher: Mr. Mercado

Jonathan Alvarez, Writer

Being among the last class to have the previous physics teacher, Mr. Flint made me pursue the responsibility to interview the new physics teacher, Efren Mercado. Since the class of 2019 was able to experience classes with well-known teachers within the school, they won’t have the chance to learn the way Mr. Mercado teaches. Mr. Flint will be missed, but let’s take this time to welcome the new Physics teacher, Mr. Mercado, into HMSA!

Mr. Mercado is a very passionate teacher when it comes to his work because he has studied physics for 45 years. Yet, as any other person, Mr. Mercado had to start out from somewhere in order to achieve his goals. Back when Mr. Mercado was a student, his Calculus teacher suggested he become a physicist or a mathematician. Before Mr. Mercado came to HMSA, he used to work in the City of Hanahan teaching Physics and higher math to high schoolers.

As a teacher he is fair, systematic, and of course, willing to teach. He is very proactive and gets straight to business. His favorite part about HMSA is AP Physics because he believes it is easier to teach. As a student in high school, he was very focused when it came to his school work, especially his GPA. Being the hard working man that he is, he also has other necessities, such as resting and playing billiards.

Stephen Hawking to Mr. Mercado was his inspiration of becoming a knowledgeable man; Hawking was able to teach under unfortunate health conditions. Seeing how Hawking was a role model to Mr. Mercado made me look closer into Hawking for by watching “The Theory of Everything,” and I encourage everyone to watch it if they haven’t already.

As the interview came to an end, Mr. Mercado offered a few words of wisdom: “You are able to reach what you are capable of”. We must understand, as well as appreciate having a new Physics teacher. So, be grateful and welcome our new Physics teacher, Mr. Mercado!