What is Proposition 4?

Donovan Perez, Staff Writer

Proposition 4 is a proposal that would authorize $1.5 billion to be used on children’s hospitals to help with construction, expansion, renovation, and equipment. The money will be split into three parts. 72 percent will be given to eight nonprofit hospitals, 18 percent will be given to five University of California General acute hospitals, and the remaining 10 percent will be given to public and private hospitals. Proposition 4 is likely to pass because of previously passed ballots totaling 158.829 billion dollars for children’s hospitals. The organization behind the campaign is The California Children’s Hospital Association’s Yes on Children’s Hospital, which had raised about 11.45 billion dollars to start the campaign. About 95 percent of the money was raised by eight hospitals who would benefit from the passing of the proposition.


My take on Proposition 4:


I believe this proposal should be passed. More money will be put into hospitals, potentially helping with research to find new cures for diseases. If more money is put into hospitals then more lives could be saved. James Stein (a Pediatric Surgeon) says that “Today, 85% of children with leukemia leave our hospitals cured.” Imagine how many more children can be saved if the proposition was passed. Families of ill loved ones will no longer have to worry about being able to pay for treatment.