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Your 9 Step Summer Guideline

Jaylen Moulton, Editor-in-Chief

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My final year here at HMSA has given me much to think about both the future and the past. I sometimes wish I’d spent my summers differently, but it’s too late to fix that. Nevertheless, there is still this summer and many more summers to go, so I have compiled a guideline of things to do this summer to improve the quality of my break this year and for the years to come.

1) For those of you who are still going here next year or have obligations to your future colleges, it’s important to get everything academic done  as soon as possible. Do not overwhelm yourself. If there was one thing I could change, it’s the timeline of how I fit all my activities. While each year brought better time management, there was never a day that passed where I felt relaxed. I was too worried about school during my break.

2) No, it’s not ok to “take a day off.” I’m not saying do something daily because everyone gets tired, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s also not ok to sit around your house all day and watch TV shows or movies for 24 hours straight and then go to your bed and fall asleep and do the same thing the next day and the next. That’s never ok. These aren’t “days for ourselves,” they’re quite the opposite. If you’re going to take a day for yourself it should have a positive impact on you. Is frying your brain or being lazy really that positive? Spend the day doing something that is fulfilling. Spend time doing a hobby–if it’s improving your skills, your well-being, etc. that’s a good thing.

3) If you choose to refrain from doing the above and decide to watch TV shows or movies for 24 hours (or more…) plan that day ahead of time and be prepared because you are going to need snacks at hand and a lot of caffeine if you fall asleep easily. Make sure it’s themed, and take a short break every 1 to 4 hours. It’ll definitely be a day to look back on and laugh at, asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”

4) Get a job or internship that you like. You might be surprised at how fun it is to work, when you like what you’re doing. Not only is it a way to spend your days doing something fulfilling, it’s also an easy way to get a taste of freedom outside of the house and a sense of responsibility.

5) Explore. Have you passed by a place that’s piqued your interest every time you see it? Look up the place and try to plan a trip if possible. You never know what fun adventures and memories you’ll create for yourself.

6) Meet up with friends. Three months is sometimes too long to go without seeing your friends. If you crave a taste of social interaction, a day out with friends practically anywhere can help you feel that connection. It’s also a great way to help do tip 5 if you don’t want to explore alone.

7) Take a break from friends. Sometimes tip 6 is not for everyone and you need to get away from constantly being around those you surround yourself with at school. Taking time for yourself is also important.

8) Plan ahead, but make sure to live for the moment. It’s good to have plans and set deadlines (I’ve learned a lot about that in newspaper!), but leaving no room for spontaneity can be detrimental, so always take advantage of in the moment events. You never know how it could change your life.

9) Have a lovely day. It’s my cheesy catchphrase in the morning announcements, but it still stands. Try to have as many lovely days as you can. Every day has the potential to be lovely, don’t let a bad mood or sad event ruin that. There is still loveliness in the littlest of things.

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Jaylen Moulton, Editor-in-Chief

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