AP Exams are Coming to an End

Stephanie Ibrahim, Staff Writer

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The month of May has finally arrived which means two things: we only have a few more weeks till school ends and Advanced Placement Testing. The majority of HMSA students are always excited for the first point and stressed for the latter.

Every student taking an AP class dreads the second and third week of May. Tuesday, May 8, 2018 was the start of the first Advanced Placement Testing. AP Spanish Language and Culture and AP Physics 1 where the first two exams that took place this year. On Wednesday students took the AP English Literature and Composition Exam. AP Government and Politics: US Exam and AP Environmental Exam took place on Thursday. To conclude the week, the AP US History Exam took place on Friday. The first week of AP testing is usually packed with all the tests.      

Students have been preparing for this AP Exam since the summer. AP classes assign summer homework for their students to insure that they are fully prepared for the course they are about to take. Throughout the school year, students take practice AP Exams and AP style tests to insure they pass the exam.

Ms. Brandon, the new Environmental Science teacher is teaching AP Environmental Science for the first time this year. In order to prepare for the class she “talked with Mrs. Davis and attended a summer institute.” When asked if she had any recommendations for AP Students she stated, “ Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the day before, no cramming, and have confidence in yourself.” She also mentioned that “if you have a good mindset then you will do better than you thought.” The last statement is extremely insightful since many students do not believe in themselves the day of the test. Ms. Brandon also wished good luck to those who are taking AP Exams.

AP testing can be extremely stressful and this stress can have negative effects on students throughout the week. Before taking an AP Exam there are many pointers students can take into consideration the day before the exam. For one thing, students should not try to cram everything in the day before. Getting a good night’s sleep allows the student to be fully prepared and awake during the exam. Eating breakfast helps students not get hungry half-way through the exam.

There are two specific benefits to taking an AP class. For one, taking an AP class helps boost your GPA. For instance, if a student has a B in an AP class then technically it’s an A because AP classes are worth more than regular classes. Secondly, AP classes help students save money in college. If a student passes the AP exam the student will not need to take that class in college, saving the student money.  

When asked about her AP Government and Politics: US Exam coming up Celine S. stated, “I’m a little nervous but not as nervous as I was my Sophomore year for AP World. I’ve been reviewing all my notes and watching videos on important topics for AP Government.” Reviewing past material is always important in order to refresh the students memories. When asked what she will do the day before Celine S. specifically stated, “I’ll go to sleep early.” Sleeping early is extremely important the day before an AP Exam.

Good luck to everyone who is taking an AP Exam! Remember to get a good night’s sleep the day before and eat breakfast.