The Croc Comeback

Kathleen Catamisan, A&E Editor

Was there ever a part of your childhood that you remember clearly? Were their certain items that were big before and you wish were big now? Well, look no further because I am here to examine one of those items from the past that were huge back then, but not so much now. The beloved items that I am about to name are the iconic Crocs. Crocs were big back then and are still in the industry today. There is a stigma towards it, but I am here to tackle such rumors and views on Crocs.


Growing up, I was surrounded by people that wore Crocs. I wore them, my siblings wore them, my cousins, and my aunts and uncles. They were comfortable and were easy to slip on. As I grew up, I grew out of them and forgot about them, until recently. A cousin of mine started to wear Crocs again for her convenience and comfort. At first, we all laughed at her, because there’s this stigma against Crocs. Many call it “ugly”. But as they say, looks aren’t everything. Soon after, I got myself a pair of Crocs, almost 11 years after my first one. Let me tell you, my cousin wasn’t lying. They were comfortable and the holes on the Crocs allowed your feet to breathe. In all honesty, they are amazing. Before I knew it, almost everyone in my family had a pair of Crocs. I currently own three pairs, my siblings have two each, and even my parents and grandmother own a pair. The footwear can span across many different generations, and that’s what makes it great. It’s not restricted to just a certain age group. Toddlers and the elderly can wear it, and that’s the magic of Crocs.

Another reason why Crocs are great is because of their versatility. As I said any age group can wear it, but a lot of people who work wear them too. My brother has Crocs for work, many people wear it in hospital settings, and they can simply be worn for fashion purposes too. When people think of Crocs, they think of the classic clog, but there’s more than just that. They have sandals, flip flops, flats, wedges, rain boots, loafers, and sneakers. There’s a Croc for almost every occasion. You can wear them if you’re a teacher, a nurse, or working in the restaurant industry. Do you always have cold feet in the winter? Well then, Crocs has a solution to that too! They have a clog lined with fur, and it is astounding. They are even more comfortable and warm. To further prove my point, there is another reason why Crocs are amazing. Their color range is simply impeccable. From the darks to the neons, they have it all. They also have Crocs with characters, and you can personalize your own Crocs if you would like. For children, they have many beloved cartoon and movie characters. Some Crocs light up, while many are very cute. For men and women, there are many different designs, too. There are character/movie prints, tropical/floral prints, and much more. The possibilities are endless. And now, for my favorite part of Crocs. You can design them with Jibbitz, which are charms that you poke through the holes of the Crocs. You can put your initials, your favorite characters, even your hobbies. Jibbitz are completely awesome. They can be 3D, can glow in the dark, and can even talk. I have personalized my Crocs with a lot of Jibbitz, and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it out in public.

As I stated before, many think Crocs are ugly. I’ll hand it to you, at first sight, they weren’t appealing. The comfort of Crocs, though, overpowers it’s looks. Once you’ve worn them and they conform to your feet, they are on a completely different level. It may be hard to believe from an avid Croc wearer, but I suggest you buy a pair and try them for yourself! They are making a comeback in the fashion industry with more people wearing them. Also, earlier this year, Crocs collaborated with Balenciaga, creating a platform Croc selling at $850. I’m telling you guys now, they’re going to be a summer hit!


To see the differing ideas on Crocs, I asked a couple of your fellow Aviators on what they think about Crocs.


Natalie Ulloa, Senior – “I, myself, have never owned a pair of Crocs. I, too, was a Croc hater, but as I matured and began to realize how uncomfortable shoes are, I realized how much more I liked wearing sandals. Similar to sandals are Crocs. They are light, airy, and flexible and down right rebellious. Crocs seem to be like something I’ll invest in in the future, especially for college.”


James Armstrong, Junior – “They are very stylish and everyone should have at least one pair in their house.”


Briana Rivas, Sophomore – “Crocs are comfortable, especially when you take a step inside, it feels like rainbows. They’re really stylish; they can be worn in the mall or on road trips.”


Allen Flores, Freshman – “I like the attachments that you can add onto the Crocs. They are the future of footwear!”