The Comeback of American Idol

May Luntumbue, Staff Writer

Throughout the years, American Idol has been the go-to place to show off your talent in singing. For many years the judges were Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, and Paula Abdul. However, the show soon changed its ways and decided to change judges after each cycle. Musical artists such as Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and many more people. For the sixteenth season, the judges are as followed: Singer-songwriter Lionel Richie, singer-songwriter Katy Perry, and country music vocalist, Luke Bryan. Of course, America’s favorite host, Ryan Seacrest is still around!

There have been celebrity appearances on the show this season as well. Andy Grammer, Colbie Caillat, Lea Michele, Luis Fonsi, and many more have appeared on the show so far. These singers of different music genres have been working with the skillful, dexterous contestants. Here is how it works: They meet the singer, they pick a song from that singer, they rehearse, then they blow the audience away! According to Katy Perry, it has been difficult getting rid of such talented people; however, the show must go on! We have to find THE “American Idol”.

The show is not only a place to exhibit talent, but to tell your story. This season’s contestants were definitely aiming to not only make the judges cry, but the viewers, too! One contestant spoke about how they were homeless. Another spoke about how he had to adopt his 6 month old nephew. A police officer brought the baby to his door, and he had to take him or else he would be put in a foster home. One story that was mind blowing was one about a man who escaped from The Democratic Republic of Congo to fulfill his dream of being in America. Unfortunately he got eliminated, while being a part of the Top 24;but at least part of his dream came true, right? There is one contestant who struggles with his identity, but Katy Perry inspired him to be comfortable with who he is. It was beautiful to see! He had been performing as someone else, but surprised the judges when he revealed his true identity during deliberations.

A performance from the 9th of April was absolutely moving. A woman named Jurnee dedicated her performance to her spouse, who surprised her in the audience. She sang “Never Enough,” a song from The Greatest Showman. The spouse was in her army uniform in the audience. Isn’t that amazing? It is nice to see how people show how much they care for the people they love. The duet by Garrett Jacob and Colbie Caillat was absolutely superb and angelic. He, too, dedicated a song to someone special to him. His girlfriend of several years was in the audience dropping tears of joy. She looked so proud of him! They both are “lucky [they’re] in love with [their] best friend.”

Although the season is still going on, it has been great to see that people are putting their shyness to the side to share their talents with the world. The judges’ enthusiasm while meeting the contestants is very heartwarming as well.