Belcalis Almanzar’s (Cardi B) “Invasion of Privacy”

Angel Emodi, Staff Writer

Since 2017, Belcalis Almanzar (Cardi B) has been on a roll! She has dropped countless number 1 hits and now, she provided us with a No. 1 album. On April 6, Cardi B released “Invasion of Privacy” as a complete solo release with no features. According to NYTimes, she is “the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill in 1998 to reach No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart with a fully solo release.” Cardi B’s actions emphasize that females do not need a male rapper featured for a single to be a hit!


In addition to this, Cardi’s “Invasion of Privacy” has been “the highest streaming week ever for a female artist, with 202.6 million streams of tracks from the album, beating Beyoncé, who logged 115 million for “Lemonade” two years ago” (NYTimes). The fact that Cardi’s album beat Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is incredible and impressive! Lemonade was and is still a huge and popular album and for Cardi B to beat it, it shows that her platform is increasingly growing.


“Invasion of Privacy” includes 13 songs with some of her most popular singles (Bodak Yellow, etc). The title of the album illustrates the effect of fame on her life. After the scandal with her fiance, Cardi took a break from the negativity on social media. Some of the songs on the album include break up lyrics. For example, “Ring” is a single on the album that contains lyrics about a guy who no longer calls her. Many people have been able to relate to the lyrics of her new songs, hence its popularity.


Cardi B’s story can be considered extremely inspiring. Cardi came from a rough neighborhood, and worked jobs that allowed her to become financially stable. Once stable, she continued to focus on her dream of becoming a rapper. Now, Cardi is one of the few females rappers with top singles. By never giving up on her dream and working hard towards it, Cardi is often an inspiration for many teens.


I asked a few students for their opinions on Cardi’s new album. The following are their responses.


“Cardi’s album is on track to being one of the best albums out this year. It’s honest, had several moments ,and the features never take the spotlight away from Cardi. Some of my favorite songs right now are “Best Life” and “I Like It.” I can’t wait to get my own copy in stores!” says junior Jordy M.


“Some of the songs are ugly but most of them are a bop,” says junior Tyler E.


“One for the books. Gets you ready for the day. Makes you feel like a boss. Nice car music. It has a little bit of everything from Spanish to trap” says an anonymous student.


“Honestly, the album isn’t all that. Don’t get me wrong it’s good but her mixtapes are better. GNMV1 and 2 are her best full body works” says junior Hailey J.


I received mainly positive feedback on Cardi’s album: Here at HMSA, Cardi B has some fans!