Album Review: Primera Cita by CNCO

Esli Gallegos, News Editor

Attention all #CNCOwners! CNCO finally released a new album (CNCO), since their first successful album, Primera Cita. The album is in Spanish, but there is a song or two with a bit of English.

For those who do not know, CNCO is a Latin boyband with five members: Erick Brian Colon (Cuba), Joel Pimentel (Mexico), Zabdiel de Jesus (Puerto Rico), Christopher Velez (Ecuador), and Richard Camacho (Dominican Republic). CNCO originated from Univision’s musical competition, La Banda. La Banda was executive-produced by Simon Cowell, Ricky Martin, Univision Communications Inc., and Haim Saban’s Saban Brands. After winning the first season of La Banda, CNCO won a five-year contract with Sony Music Latin.

Soon after winning La Banda, CNCO released their first album, Primera Cita. This album became certified Diamond, Platinum, and Gold in the United States, Latin America, and Europe (CNCO Music). After touring, both on their own and with Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull, the two years of wait for the new album, CNCO, on April 6, 2018, released their new album, CNCO.

The new album consists of 14 songs. The songs differ from slow, captivating songs, to reggaeton style. In this album, they have two songs featuring other artists; Hey DJ (ft. Yandel) and Reggaeton Lento (ft. Little Mix). Their album was up for pre-order for a month or so. They released a song and/or a music video in between the release date, anticipating the new album. Six out of 14 of their songs have music videos available on YouTube. They also have a music video for the song Reggaeton Lento ft. Little Mix.

Since the release of their new album, CNCO has been promoting their album doing meet and greets around the United States (New York, California, Texas, Connecticut, Illinois, Florida), Latin America (Puerto Rico), and Europe (Spain, Germany, Sweden, and Italy).

A couple of friends from HMSA and I were able to attend the CNCO meet and greet at the Barnes and Nobles located at the Grove. The event didn’t start until 5 pm. In order to meet them on Monday, April 9, 2018, it was required to buy a CD at the Barnes and Nobles on Friday, April 6, 2018. When buying the CD, we got a wristband which was going to let us in on Monday. The wristbands were on a first come first serve basis. The wristbands were also divided into categories. There was yellow and orange wristbands. I was lucky enough to get a yellow wristband that was similar to a VIP pass. I was allowed to go in front depending on the letter on my wristband (My letter was F). Meaning, I was the sixth group in line to take the picture.

On Monday, right after school my friends and I rushed to the Grove, anticipating much traffic. Once we arrived, it was now time to wait. While we waited, the new album was being played. The band arrived and one by one, the fans were taking their pictures. We were not allowed to take any pictures of our own. When you were next, someone working with the band asked between which band member did you want to take your picture with (I chose Erick Brian Colon). Everything happened so fast, but once you were done, they gave you a signed photo and a paper with information on how to download the picture. The pictures were up the next day and in order to receive it, you had to follow the instructions on the paper.

Personally, I love the entire album and was able to meet them on their Los Angeles meet and greet. One of my favorite songs off the album is “Fiesta en Mi Casa.” This song leans more towards the slow songs in the album. The song is basically saying together we will be happy and there’s nothing else needed. (Of course the song sounds much better than my explanation). Another favorite song of mine is “Solo Yo.” This song is very upbeat and is saying you don’t need anyone but me, I am the only one. Both of these songs have music videos.

After a few weeks from the release of their album, CNCO’s new album became the #1 biggest debut album of 2018. After a couple of days, the CNCO album reached #1 in many countries, like the United States, and countries in Latin America and Europe.

I totally recommend buying and listening to CNCO’s new album. If you are looking for an upbeat and fun album to jam out to with your friends, yourself in the shower, or in the car, CNCO is the perfect album. The album is available in the form of a physical CD, but also in digital form (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play and LinkFire).