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Ankara to Wakanda

May Luntumbue, Staff Writer

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Black Panther has deeply impacted people worldwide! Before the movie, many talked about how they were going to dress up to see the movie. Well, they weren’t kidding! People wore dashikis, African print skirts, and more to show their appreciation and pride to the Marvel movie. This article will be containing a few spoilers!

The movie was a great overall. There were many subliminal messages that were included. For example, Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan), was visiting a museum. He was asking one of the representatives questions about an art piece. She told him everything she knew about it, but he was not impressed. He talked about how things are taken from its land and when it comes to explaining the history of where it really came from no one who isn’t from that specific place is able to fully educate anyone else because they are not educated about it themselves. That was a very powerful scene. Also, the twists and turns in the movie were breathtaking.

We all know that acting can be a very tough job. However, these actors did an amazing job having to act with accents. Imagine having to completely transform from a dialect that you are used to speaking with. What a huge challenge, don’t you think? People dressing up was fun to watch, too! Here is my experience at the AMC Dine-In: There was so many people who went to the movies that weekend of the opening, that a lot of the inventory was running out. Isn’t that absolutely insane? There weren’t any chicken wings!

Many have talked about a part two of “Black Panther”. Although the movie was great, it should be a one time hit. It would be difficult to make a whole new storyline, despite the high number of box office sales. Senior Briana C. strongly agrees with this opinion. She says that “No, but it depends on if they come up with a really good idea for it.”  

All in all, it was uplifting to see that African-American actors are getting their spotlight in a way that has never happened before. “Black Panther” is a project by Ryan Coogler who has stated that he gave up writing the film over twenty times. We all need whatever it was that finally motivated him to finish such a great story. Without that motivation, the Marvel film would not have gotten over $1 billion at the box office. How amazing is that? The movie has been translated to many languages: French, Spanish, Chinese, even a Congolese language, Tshiluba. Shout out to the amazing cast who did a great job delivering a message to the entire world.

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