Their Truths Revealed

Ernesto Padilla, Staff Writer

In The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima (the third book in the “Seven Realms” series), Raisa escapes the clutches of the young Baryars and is now back on the road to get home to the Fells, her queendom. It will be a very difficult journey considering everyone in the Seven Realms, including the people of her queendom, are hunting for her; she is the future queen. On her way back, she reminisces of the year in her life where she lived and her friends in Oden’s Ford; though, it was all a lie. She misses Han most of all, even though he loved her as Rebecca and not Raisa. She will soon be home, and, once she gets there, she knows she will have to fight for every inch of her throne. She may even have to fight for her life. 

Han Alister was called upon by the Clans for what he owes after the Clans revealed he was a wizard and after studying at Oden’s Ford for a year. On his way back to the Fells, he is also searching for the girl that he loves: Rebecca. He doesn’t know much except the Baryars took her. He is committed to finding her since he already lost too much to the Baryars. Han doesn’t want to lose Rebecca, too. He hopes to live a peaceful life, possibly with Rebecca after the fighting between the wizards and the Clans end. He has to deal with the present before he can worry about the future, and it won’t be easy.

The lives of Han and Raisa will soon clash with each other when they learn each others’ secrets and true identities. They will have to fight together to get the throne, and they must fight for their love.

The Gray Wolf Throne is a great book, and I love the way that all their secrets are revealed. I love the romance. Though they are hesitant, Raisa and Han can’t help not being together. The book is very descriptive, and it make me feel all giddy. (Yes, I am a romantic). As the story moves on, it makes you want to continue with it, and makes you want to find out what will happen next. I really love the high fantasy of the world and the romance (once again). I love the book, and the series overall, I give it a strong 4.5 out of 5.