Concerts to Attend in 2018

Amelia Navarro , A&E Writer

2018 is a year of new beginnings, new memories, but most importantly, new music! In recent months, many artists have released new music and albums. As music lovers, we do not complain. The following are a few of the shows you should think of attending this year:

  1. Khalid: The Roxy Tour

Khalid came into our lives after we listened to his debut album, American Teen. Several of his songs have brought attention to this young entertainer, such as “Location” and “Young Dumb and Broke.” He has been featured in several other tracks with artists such as Logic, 6lack, and more. His tour begins on January 27th and leads up to June 7th. As seen by the thousands of people who attended his free Santa Monica concert months ago, this tour is set out to be one that you should not miss.

  1. Harry Styles: Harry Styles Live

The universal heartthrob, Harry Styles, is sharing his immaculate vocals and impressive style with his fans this summer. After dropping his first album this last year called Harry Styles, he has been non-stop singing. Having been one of the five members of One Direction, who made teenage girls across the world swoon, his fame and presence has only guided him towards more and more success. After listening to his hit song, “ Sign of the Times,” I doubt you could say no to going to one of his concerts. Do not forget, his tour starts on March 11th and lasts until July 14th.

  1. P!nk: Beautiful Trauma Tour

P!nk has already begun her World Tour in early March, which means we cannot wait any longer to buy tickets. P!nk is the epitome of a world-class entertainer. Her songs range from ballads to party jams, allowing anyone to enjoy her music. Her presence on stage is like no other as seen by many of her unique performances on past Grammy and American Music Award shows. I remember listening to one of her first top hits, “Raise your Glass,” and falling in love with her personality and voice. Even though her style of music did slightly change in this last album, her own uniqueness shines through her words when singing. There is nothing else to say about P!nk because she is a performer that no one can ever regret to see live. Her tour ends on September 8th.

  1.   Lorde: Melodrama

Lorde became one of our beloved artists after she released her first top hit, “Royals,” when she was only 16 years old. Since then, her music has been continuously seen on Top Hit Charts. Her music is considered to be pop, but more so indie pop. Her indie pop style is perfect for the many music festivals that take place year round. Lorde is constantly being seen performing in summer festivals because of the effects her music has on young listeners. Her recent album has been considered a favorite by many. Her recent hit, “Greenlight,” has sparked many interest in listeners to attend her current tour named after her recent album, Melodrama. Lorde is a refreshing young voice whose music touches many hearts, including yours if you attend one of her concerts that last through April 15th.

These are just some of the top tours going on right now. Which tours are you most excited to see/hear about?