The Underworld’s Guard Dog Meets Cute Manga


Ernesto Padilla and the novel "Today's Cerberus." Photo taken by Pedro Adame.

Ernesto Padilla, Staff Writer

Today’s Cerberus by Ato Sakurai is a Japanese manga within the genres of supernatural, comedy, romance, harem*, and shounen*. The story is about Chaki Mikado, a teenage boy that can’t seem to enjoy anything in life. It is almost as if a part of his soul is missing, and it actually is. When he was young, he had an accident; a strange three-headed puppy bit him, and he lost part of his soul. After years of living without his soul, the dog returns and in human form. The dog turns out to be Cerberus, the mythological three-headed dog that guards the entrance to Hades, the ancient Greek  name for the underworld and the god who rules it. Each head has a different personality and a different form. Kuro is the first head, Shirogane is the second head, and Roze is the third head. Each head is very different from the next. This time, her (their) goal is to be Chaki’s bodyguard and make life as enjoyable as possible for him.  

Not that I dislike it, but Today’s Cerberus is a pretty stereotypical shounen, harem manga (Sorry. If you are not an otaku like me and many others, then this reference may not make a lot of sense to you). It is still a cute manga, though, and I enjoyed reading it. I love how it is tied in with Greek mythology. I also like how the manga has an actual plot to it, compared to other manga that are just compilations of little stories (not that I don’t enjoy them sometimes). However, I did not like that it was a very quick read. Today’s Cerberus is a little book of 207 pages that I finished in 30 minutes. It is more noticeable how quick one can read manga when it is a small book. Overall, I liked the novel despite some small complaints. It is very cute with small pure jokes (and a few dirty ones, too, so audiences be aware). I would give Today’s Cerberus a solid six out of ten.


Shounen: manga aimed at young males from the ages of 12 to young adults.

Harem: when there is one person that is the love interest of more than one person.