Life’s Answers #2

Victoria Herrera, Staff Writer

How do you know if someone likes you?

Dear student,

Normally, I would say follow your gut feeling, but if you like this person that may not be easy to do. When developing a crush, you might try to convince yourself that there’s a gut feeling that he/she likes you; when in reality, the person is just being a decent person.

It is fairly obvious if someone likes you, so make sure to pay attention to what the person does when he/she is hanging out with you. There are so many cues that show whether or not someone likes you.

Does he/she seem interested in what you have to say? How engaged is he/she in the conversations you hold? Notice whether or not he/she tries to continue the conversation and pay attention to the topics you guys talk about. If you talk about how tiring last night’s homework was or what day your latest project is due, he/she probably doesn’t like you; there is no substance in those types of conversations. However, if he/she is trying to learn more about you or joke around with you, that could be a good sign.

Does he/she make the effort to hang out with you? Unless the person is incredibly shy, he/she will most likely make an effort to spend time with you. When you guys hang out is there any physical contact? It doesn’t have to be something as major as hand holding; it can be a light touch or simply leaning against you. A lot of these things may apply to your close friend, but recognize how the person talks about relationships when he/she is around you. Does the said person mention wanting to be in a relationship? Do they do things with you that would be done with a significant other?

Of course, you can always find out by asking him/her how they feel about you.* However, this should be a last resort because people tend to be scared if you put all your cards out on the table. Nevertheless, don’t wrap yourself around his/her schedule trying to find out if he/she likes you. Remember there are 8 billion people on the planet, this person isn’t the only one suitable for you. Good luck!


*I’m not responsible for someone not liking you.