Love Never Dies


"Fallen" Book Cover. Photo taken by Jimena Prado

Jimena Prado, Staff Writer

I have always been a fan of the whole fantasy genre. I’ve always loved the whole idea of angels or monsters walking the earth and us (humans) not knowing anything about it. I also love a good romance. The need to be near the person you love more than your own life, feeling the butterflies in your stomach when you speak to them or when you touch, those little sparks you feel. It’s all so new and amazing to feel, that is exactly as Lauren Kate wrote everything to be in this amazing novel, Fallen.

Fallen is an amazing novel that will keep you coming back for more; the next few books will also keep you at the edge of your seat. Lauren Kate was able to grasp the idea of an impossible love being possible. Lucinda Price is new to boarding school, Swords & Cross, located in Georgia. Daniel is a mysterious guy she can’t keep out of her head as much as she tries.There is something familiar of Daniel she can’t understand. Fallen is a novel I can read over and over again and never get tired of. It’s a mixture of the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet with a lot of Twilight into the mix. You have the romantic side in which Daniel would rather die than not be with Lucinda (Luce) and the whole supernatural part of Twilight, except that in Twilight they have vampires and werewolves. In Fallen, you have angels and demons instead.

Fallen is not like any romance story you probably have read, the girl does not meet the boy and boom overtime they fall in love. No, in Fallen, Luce and Daniel’s love story is special because not only is Daniel an angel but Luce is a reincarnation. Luce is destined to fall in love with Daniel and die in his arms in every life. “Torment,” “Passion,” and “Rapture” are the leading books of this Fallen series. All the novels will definitely leave you with some cliff-hangers but to me it’s totally worth it. I would recommend this novel to those who enjoy fantasy and romance with some adventure.