College Football Championship

Alyssa De La Cruz, Staff Writer

Tavarres King #12 of the Georgia tackled Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix #6 of Alabama during the 2nd quarter of the game.
(Photo Source:Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America)

January 8, 2018, was the day everyone was waiting for: College Football Championship, Georgia vs Alabama. Georgia’s and Alabama’s record entering the championship game was 13-1. They both had their ups and downs throughout the season, but both were successful teams overall. The big question was: who will go home with the win?

The game started in Atlanta, Georgia, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 77,430 people attended the game. Before, the game started, Alabama was favored by the people to win the championship. Some big names at the game in Atlanta include: Quavo, Samuel L. Jackson, Ric Flair and Zac Brown, who sang the national anthem with his band. A few notable athletes were there that night as well: Terrell Owens, Matt Stafford of the Detroit Lions, Derrick Henry of the Titans and Thomas Davis Sr. of the Panthers.  Kendrick Lamar was also there to perform his half-time performance.

In the first quarter, Georgia started off in possession of the ball at their own 25-yard line. Jack Fromm’s first pass was incomplete; however, his next two passes were completed and successful. Suddenly, the game went downhill for Georgia as the ball got intercepted by Tony Brown.

It was time for Alabama to show the audience what they had on hold for their fans that night. However, it did not go the way they wanted it to go. The freshman quarterback, Jalen Hurts, started off well until they were on 4th down and Andy Pappanastos missed a 40-yard field goal. Until a minute into the 2nd quarter, Georgia scored a 41-yard field goal. Alabama was still on a disadvantage with no goals while Georgia scored another field goal, making the score 0-6. With 7 seconds left in the first-half, Georgia scored a touchdown, changing the score to 0-13.

In the beginning of the third quarter, Alabama put in a quarterback who has never played a game before, Tua Tagovailoa. Although it was his first game,  he made his first touchdown pass, which added excitement to the game. Alabama was finally on the board with 7 points. However, Georgia was just getting ready for a come-back. Georgia  scored another touchdown, increasing the score to 7-20.

There were many interceptions causing Alabama to lose possession of the ball. However, this just gave Alabama fuel to keep going as they intercepted the ball from Georgia and scored a field goal; Alabama was now 10 points behind Georgia. Eventually, Alabama came back and tied the game 20-20 with a big contribution by their quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa!  With 3 seconds left in the game, Alabama had a chance to score a field goal and win it all, but the kicker missed it and the crowd went wild for Georgia. The game went  to overtime as the tie was not broken. Georgia broke the tie and scored a field goal. However,  Alabama remained sanguine and believed they still had a chance to win. Their ardent desire to win the championship was showcased when they made a touchdown and won the game. This game was mercurial all throughout and it was a really close score, but after all, the favored team won the game. Now, we may call Alabama National Champions!