The HMSA Hyperloop Club

Diana Rounaque, Features Editor

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The future is closer than ever with SpaceX significantly innovating transportation through their Hyperloop services. Proposed by Elon Musk, hyperloop is a system of pods or containers that travel at high speeds through a tube that has been pumped into a near-vacuum. To sum it up, the goal of Hyperloop is to develop a high-speed transportation system. In theory, through Hyperloop one can travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in only half an hour compared to the standard seven hours.

Here at HMSA, an afterschool club is dedicated to the Hyperloop innovating process. The club is advised by Mr. Flint and currently has five members: Roohi M., Melissa M., Awele A., Mikko S., and Saghar N. Roohi M. is the president of the club, her goal is to “get as much done as possible, while having just as much fun through the learning process.” Roohi M. has been apart of the club since the very start, she dedicates her time and effort into the club so “everything can run as smoothly as possible.”

The Hyperloop club is in the process of recreating the real life hyperloop model to find ways to improve it. Currently, the club is focussing on safety. The goal is to have the Hyperloop to have both safe and smooth breaks while also maintaining high speeds. The club members have meetings every Monday and Wednesday. During the meetings, all the members discuss new ideas and elaborate on them. They recently finished sketching and exploring major ideas and have bought tools in hopes to start the actual model as soon as possible. The students are accompanied by regular visits from engineers working at SpaceX. The engineers check up on their ideas, sketches, model, and overall progress to give them feedback.

In the past two years, the club has been working hard on the Hyperloop process. The small changes and ideas the Hyperloop club comes up with may result in a big impact on the actual process at SpaceX. If interested in joining the club for the remainder of this year or the start of next year, speak to either Roohi M. or Mr.Flint.

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