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Coaches of HMSA: Mr. Highducheck

Britney Lopez, Staff Writer

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Cross Country. A sport that is purely based on running. The goal is to get runners to run three miles in the shortest possible time. However, runners have to first go through intense training ranging from long distance running to training intended to increase the runner’s speed. This training pushes runners to not only get used to running for long periods of time, but to run that distance quickly. The HMSA Cross Country coach, Mr. Danny Highducheck, would like to share his experience coaching the Cross Country team, and his thoughts the season.

What inspired you to become the cross country coach?
I was inspired to become the Cross Country coach because Dylan had an intense desire to improve and I wanted to see him succeed. I began to do research on different types of exercises and stretches and I implemented them with Dylan. After seeing my success with Dylan, Mr. Severns eventually asked me to coach the Cross Country team.

How does it feel to win the league again? Do you remain hopeful to keep the title?
Winning the league this year felt amazing because we did not have the seniors from last year and we kept losing to CAMS all season, but we managed to beat them and win the league. I am not only hopeful that we will win the title again, I am sure of it.

How would you compare this season to last year’s season?
This season was even more satisfying than last year’s season because we knew that all the work we put in during the final month of training was going to pay off and it did. We destroyed CAMS in the final race, even though they beat us all season.

Is there anything different you would like to try next year?
Yes. I want to start training even earlier next year. Instead of starting in August like we normally do, we will begin in May during CIF and after school.

Was there any memorable race this season that you would like to share?
The league final was easily the most memorable race this year because although CAMS was beating us all season, we ended up beating them by 27 points. It was a big turn around! Go HMSA!

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Coaches of HMSA: Mr. Highducheck