The Return of Stranger Things

Amelia Navarro, Staff Writer

On the 27th of October, I found myself under the covers, eating popcorn, and completely ignoring my cell phone while binge-watching the increasingly popular series, Stranger Things 2. For those of you who have been fortunate to experience Season 1, I can understand the impatience you may have felt the last week of October waiting for this new season to be available. Who can blame us? It has been a year! Now, those of you who are contemplating on whether to watch the show, no need to do that because the second you begin watching, consider yourself a part of the Stranger Things Fandom.  Also, for those of you thinking of watching this amazing show, it’s recommended that you watch Season 1 first in order to better understand Season 2.

If you are not a fan of spoilers, I recommend you stop reading now, and come back when you have completed this amazing new season. Prior to the release of Stranger Things 2, much anticipation was built. The trailers were filled with menacing music, short dramatic scenes, and just enough content to keep us questioning. Did Eleven really die? Is Will traumatized by the events of Season 1? What is next for the love triangle we saw developing in Season 1 with Jonathan, Steve, and Nancy? Well, the writers of Strangers Things 2 eased our minds by answering each question and more we had not realized we even had.

The first episode starts off in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A group of robbers are jumping into their van and driving quickly down streets in an attempt to escape the police. Once they take off their masks, the viewers can see that they are a diverse group that seem to be quite familiar with each other. As the robbers and the police approach a tunnel, we are shown the young woman who is sitting in the passenger seat, clench her fist while closing her eyes. A second of silence is followed, and the sudden tumbling of rocks is seen closing the entrance of the tunnel. While the van escapes, the police step out of their cars in pain only to see that the entrance of the tunnel is clear for them to travel through. Both the policemen and myself were quite confused. My confusion was settled once I found out that the young woman in the passenger seat had the number 08 tattooed on her arm, a clear connection to the powers she possesses like those of Eleven. I began to ask myself: Does she know Eleven?  Will the new season consist of all the “experiments” joining together against the common enemy, Hawkins Lab? What happened to Will and the boys? The Duffer Brothers, creators of the show, did not hesitate to begin the season with an action packed scene that they knew would only leave us to watch the entire season in one night.

Following the first few episodes came even more action-packed episodes that you just had to watch.  Aside from fighting against new threats and attempting to save Hawkins and the world, the cast welcomed new characters. However, I would say welcome is not the appropriate word to use. Max, better known as Mad Max at the arcade, is a serious red-headed middle-schooler from California. Dustin and the boys are not happy to see her take Dustin’s first place spot in both arcade games, Centipede and Dig Dug. Let’s just say it took a little warming up to her before all the boys welcomed her into their “party.” Along with her is her step-brother Billy, a tall, rebellious high-schooler who listens to rock music and smokes cigarettes. He appears to not get along with Max as seen by the aggressive way in which he speaks to her and does not appreciate her being around Lucas especially. In addition to them is Bob. He is Joyce’s (Will’s mother) new love interest. He was also someone she knew from her high school days, like Hopper. However, he was the nerd and she was not. These characters play a large part in this season and bring about certain aspects of current characters that has never been seen before.

Stranger Things continues to strike viewers with unexpected twists, moments, and more. I am sure you can agree this is one of the best shows out there at the moment. It continuously does not disappoint and is a well-established trademark in show culture. Thank you Duff Brothers for this wonderful gift to our eyes.